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New Intuitive Project Reports in OrangeScrum

New Intuitive Project Reports in OrangeScrum

In Project Management, project reports are very essential to keep track of project progress, how we fare in terms of planned vs actual and to identify risks and challenges that need to be addressed.

Report is a self-explanatory statement or summary of facts relating to a specific subject and serves the purpose of providing information to higher authorities including company executives and directors for decision making and follow up actions.

According to Oxford Dictionary, report means “a record of ascertained facts.”

Reports provide knowledge about the team or project’s progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The whole team will have a grasp of the team’s accomplishments, plans, and problems periodically and enables them to prioritize issues and resolution.


Why businesses or organizations give so much importance to “Project Reports”?

Project reports and updates are common across organizations.

Project Reports are part of the project documentation and allow you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) & overall project health. The progress is quantified in the reports, so instead of flying blind and hoping for the best, you have a solid foundation to make informed decisions. It also enables you to justify changes made to the project plan.

OrangeScrum brings you further detailed project reports in its Cloud Edition to get real time project and team status for quick assessment and decision making. You can drill down by dates, resources, projects and statuses to drill down to specific aspects of your project.

What’s Available in New OrangeScrum Reports?

In the new intuitive reports, you can get the Average age of a tasks, Hours Spent reports, Task Resolution time reports, Resource Utilization reports etc.

You can access OrangeScrum Reports from the main Navigation menu within the tool. These reports are available for all OrangeScrum users irrespective of their roles – Admin, Owner, User or Client.

Orangescrum Reports

Average Age Report: –

Project wise average age of all open tasks at a glance to keep your backlog in control.

This report shows the average number of days that for which the tasks were unresolved on a given day over a period of time.

You can get the number of task counts for time periods ranging from daily to weekly, monthly, Quarterly and yearly.

Average Time of Task

Let us consider an example,

On a daily basis, WordPress project has 15 tasks unclosed till date, where 7 is a range of previous days from today.

Total Age: -Total age is the sum of the number of days of each task.

Average Age: – This is an average number of days the tasks were unresolved.

Created vs Resolved Tasks Report: –

This report shows the number of tasks created vs number of tasks resolved on a particular day, week, month or year.

Created vs Resolved Task Report in OrangeScrum

For example, if we select OrangeScrum Marketing project, choose period as ‘Daily’, Days previously as 30, Cumulative totals as Yes then you can see that number of task created on each day and number of task resolved on each day. As I have selected 30 days in “Days Previously”, it will show you data for last 30 days from the current date.

Pie Chart Report: –

This chart shows the number of tasks based on the Assignee, Task type, priority, status, epic link, task group.

  • Assignee: – Number of tasks and percentage of tasks assigned each resource
  • Task Type: – Number of tasks count with respect to their task type
  • Status: – Number of tasks count with respect to their task status
  • Epic Link: – Number of tasks count with task type as ‘EPIC’ and have linked task
  • Task Group: – Number of tasks count with respect to their task groups.
  • Priority: – Number of tasks count based on their priority.

OrangeScrum Pie Chart Report

For an example: –

For the project ‘Product Development’: –

  • Task Type: -Here ‘Development’ task type has 87 tasks, ‘Idea’ task type has 2 task, Marketing task type has 6 tasks. And here is how your pie chart report will look like:

Recent Created Tasks Report

This report shows Time-bound trend of your incoming task flow for better planning & execution.

It provides you information about the number of tasks resolved and unresolved for a particular period of time.

Created Task OrangeScrum Report

For example, if we select OrangeScrum Marketing project, choose period as ‘Daily’, Days previously as 15, then you get information that on 5th June, 11 tasks are unresolved and 50 tasks were resolved for that day.

Resolution Time Report: –

It provides you the information about the number of tasks resolved or closed and average number of days taken to close or resolve tasks. You get the number of tasks counts of a particular project based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and quarterly.

OrangeScrum Average Resolution Time

For example, if we select product development project, choose period as ‘Daily’, Days previously as 7, then you get information that on 31st May 2018, 10 tasks are closed and average days it took to close or resolve is 1 day.

Time Since Task Report: –

This report helps to track task trends based on no. of tasks created, worked upon, completed over specific period(s).

This chart provides the number of tasks created based on the selected field over the given period of time. You get number of task counts of a particular project based on date created, due date, resolved status, task updated.

Orangescrum Time Since Task Reports

For example, if we select product development project, choose period as ‘Daily’, Days previously as 7, Cumulative totals as Yes and date field as ‘Created’ then you will find; on 5th June, created tasks count is 36, on 4th June its 34 & son on.

Other Reports:

Hours Spent Reports:

It shows the Burn-down chart for your time and effort spent, Time spent by Task Types and detailed count of hours spent, tasks closed and tasks replied by All resources of the chosen project.

Hours Spent Reports in OrangeScrum

Task Report:

This shows Avg. time to Resolve or Close a task, number of task types created and task trends over a period of time. This helps you to understand how you can optimize your time spent on a task.

OrangeScrum Task Reports

Weekly Usage Report:

A quick glance of your week’s progress and performance w.r.t to the previous week. No# of tasks created/closed, spent hours, project status and a summary report.

Weekly Usage Report in OrangeScrum

Resource Utilization:

A comprehensive report to show your team’s utilization w.r.t time, project, status, task type and Actual vs Estimated Hour. Intelligent filters with custom period to focus easily on what you want to!

Resource Utilization Report in OrangeScrum

Pending Tasks:

A report to show the overall remaining estimated time vs actual time spent so far for all pending tasks against each resource.

Pending Task Report in OrangeScrum


Project reports guarantee that you have a constant information flow. It allows you to manage and communicate with your stakeholders effectively. Stakeholders are always anxious to know how the project is doing, so keeping them in the loop via regular status reports will increase their confidence in the project manager and the project. It’s not wise to keep stakeholders in the dark. It’s better to communicate potential or real issues and challenges with them as soon as they arise.

Instead of manually managing projects and generating time consuming reports, get aboard OrangeScrum to view automated and real time reports of your project and teams’ progress in a click.

Sign up now for 30 days’ free trial, no credit card required!

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