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How Task Management Software Benefits For All Industries?

How Task Management Software Benefits Teams Of All Industries, Project Management Blog
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Project and task management software continue to prove highly effective for teams of all sizes across industries. Organizations rely on task management software to reap benefits in terms of time tracking, resource management, collaboration, centralized information exchange and anytime, anywhere access.

Whether you have a remote, product development, marketing, professional services, fintech or a creative team; you can benefit immensely from modern project collaboration tools.

These tools are quite industry agnostic and can be tailored for most of your business processes and improve the way your teams interact today.

Real-time chats, auto-notifications or reminders, status updates etc. help save time and improves the ability of the team to respond and act faster.

Let us review some of the key benefits of task, project, time, resource and collaboration management software.

Task Management & Productivity Software Benefits

Before adopting any task management software be clear on the objectives you wish to achieve and problems you want to solve.

But keep an open mind and try to simulate your work processes in these tools to really understand the benefits they offer and how you can unleash their full potential.

Let us take a quick look at some of the key strategic and tactical benefits most task management tools in the project management space offer.

Improve Task Management with Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog

Get Organized and Collaborate

The most important thing for an organization is to have their projects, tasks and resources organized.

Communication and information silos lead to delays, understanding gaps, duplicity of efforts and chaos.

On top of that many a times tasks get stuck due to pending info, same tasks are being executed by simultaneously and critical information are not shared leading to reinventing the wheel.

Utter waste of time and efforts. Something organizations cannot afford in today’s overly competitive marketplace.

Building a culture of being organized and collaboration is crucial to success. Collaboration infuses a healthy dose of transparency within you teams and work processes.

Having a robust online project and task collaboration tool is the first step towards it.

Simplify Task Management

Task organization and prioritization is one of the key work management challenges for all teams. Project and customer priorities change and so do resource availability & allocation.

Having complete visibility of pending tasks across projects is a must for proper planning and chaos free execution.

Having a task management tool will eliminate this problem as you can see real-time progress of your tasks and take corrective actions as required.

Be it reprioritization, re-scheduling or task reassignments you are in control.

Quick filters by assignee, due dates and status can help you deep-dive and get the desired attention on the right tasks at the right time.

Moreover, you can easily identify tasks that may be delayed and improve team assignment proactively.

Personalize with Themes and Settings

Tools like Orangescrum offer personalization in applying coloured themes, uploading your company’s logo or colour scheme, setting up notifications as per your teams’ requirements.

Plus saving custom filters and default task views enables team to work with a view of their choice and adapts to the individual preferences. Thereby increasing tool usage, minimum learning curve and resistance to change.

Task lists, subtask hierarchical view, Kanban boards and Gantt chart support teams in their individual workstyles.  

Setting up notifications for task updates, status changes, task creation along with email reports enable teams to stay on top of their work.

These things enable the team to simplify their work, take out manual work and improve their efficiency.

An added advantage is quick visibility of their as well as the teams’ progress and actions leading to greater clarity among the project team.

Increase adoption of Business Processes

Most task management tools allow for creation of project specific templates as well as a set of custom status workflows to define their task execution processes.

Without a tool human errors, missing critical steps or low process adherence is always a challenge.

And you end up with rework, delays and rather fixing the issues on an as-is basis.

But using project management and collaboration tools can help solve this problem once and for all.

You can create specific task status workflow for your recruitment, procurement, bug tracking, to-do list, content creation, customer support etc. to cover all your business functions in one central tool.

Defining a task flow ensures the team knows what step is up next, there is clarity of the overall execution plus you eliminate any missteps or errors.

Soon teams become accustomed to the process, find it easy to implement, and adherence to the process improves throughout the organization. Thus you have hassle free execution and collaboration across the board!

Integrate Time and Resource Management with Invoicing

Most tools offer time tracking and invoicing. But look forward. An integrated software with the power of time, resource and invoice management can streamline your entire business significantly.

As a business you must be on top of you’re:

Now each of these bullets are critical to running a successful business. You can:

  • Ensure teams are rightly utilized
  • re-purpose available resources
  • prevent resource overloading and burnout
  • track your billable hours
  • lastly ensure all billable times are invoiced accurately

You will have put a well-oiled system in place that keeps your resources, their time, deliverables and the profits in-sync.


Hi-tech start up or a digital agency or not, an end to end project, task, time, resource and collaboration software is a must have for your teams.

Pick the drug that works for you

The key is to build a culture of organization, transparency and free collaboration.

One significant benefit that most Orangescrum customers echo is absolute clarity of the project goals, visibility of the impact of an individual’s work that leads to increased productivity. No more chasing the teams for update and progress.

Manual reporting reduction helps managers or leaders to focus on more strategic initiatives that lead to revenue generation.

Start hitting your revenue goals in 2023 with Orangescrum!

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