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How Remote Teams Benefit From Centralized Communication

How Remote Teams Benefit From Centralized Collaboration, Project Management Blog
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Remote teams are heavily dependent on centralized communication and collaboration to ensure about their projects delivery. Real-time information exchange is key to prevent chaos when your remote teams is busy handling multiple projects at once.

Not being able to see the most current status of tasks creates confusion, may lead to rework or incessant chasing for updates.

All of which lead to waste of precious efforts that could have been spent on actual project work. Add to it the stress and anxiety.

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Impact of not Having Centralized Communication and Collaboration

  • No visibility of progress in real time
  • Disconnect between teams and stakeholders
  • Task assignments aren’t clear
  • Increased wait times to finished the task
  • Lot of confusion and chaos
  • Delayed in issue resolution
  • Greater scope for team conflicts
  • Task objectives aren’t clear
  • Delayed in end deliverables

Now let us take a look at how we can overcome the above challenges and ensure seamless project collaboration and execution by your remote teams.

Must have Contextual Collaboration

All projects carry tasks that need to be done by multiple teams or collaborators. A proper handshake is a must to confirm the task gets done properly by all parties involved.

So, when the task collaborators aren’t clear on who will do what and when, the communication breaks and chaos set in.

Contextual collaboration is a must to achieve this.

Instant task comments, notifications and team chats & discussions enable real time flow of information and ideas.

In addition to it all task files and documents can also be accesses from a single platform leading to end to end centralization of all project info.

This leads to healthy mind-storming, quicker issue resolution and most importantly, wait times and dependencies on the other person’s availability is reduced to a great extent.

Task Breakdown and Organization

Remote teams must have a 360 degrees view of the tasks assigned to them. All associated subtasks, checklists, task linking and interdependencies must be clear for a team member to execute the task flawlessly.

As a project manager, you can assign the tasks transparently ensuring all members know their part in the tasks well.

Collaborators can easily navigate to associated tasks and see the work done, review the comments and gather the information required to complete their part successfully.

With proper task management, you can also monitor the overall project schedule, identify bottlenecks and take proactive measures.

Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Nothing improves without monitoring and measuring. Imagine with your entire team being remote and you have no means to monitor or measure the project outcomes.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics and that too in real time is a must for robust communication with the project stakeholders.

Measuring key metrics such as resource utilization, planned vs actual hours, billable hours is a must to ensure project profitability and that the project is on track.

Constant analysis and deep-dive is crucial to making continuous improvements to your execution strategy.

You can identify communication challenges, cause of delays and the breakdown of information exchange with detailed reports on tasks by task types, labels etc.

Rise in Productivity and Team Efficiency

When teams have clarity of their assignments and anytime, anywhere access to all relevant information, overall execution, collaboration becomes easy leading to rise in productivity.

Having remote teams perform at optimum efficiency is a must to survive the competition today.

End to end collaboration reduces unnecessary operational friction and unwanted delays.

Most importantly, you teams have the freedom to be a self-organized and self-sufficient team with access to all information they may need.

Also, visibility of the outcomes of their efforts helps in self-realization to what they must start doing, stop doing and continue to do more and more.

All of which lead to individual as well as team productivity and reflect on the project outcomes and accomplishments.


Enabling teams to operate independently and allowing them to be self-sufficient augurs well for the project as well as the organization.

There is a significance boost in their confidence and motivation levels leading them to operate at maximum efficiency.

Centralized & contextual collaboration prevents digression from the issue at hand, keeps the team aligned to the task objectives ensuring robust task management.

Real-time reporting also creates visibility of resource allocation, utilization and planned vs actual hours spent on the tasks.

Moreover, a centralized collaborative work management (CWM) platform like Orangescrum brings your people, process and projects together.

All project stakeholders are connected and to have the same understanding of the project’s mission and results. Also, all project information is centralized and prevents efforts spent on error-prone manual date recording & clean-up.

Overall, the team works as a battle ready unit to achieve its goals with precision.

How organized is your team collaboration today? Signup with Orangescrum to find out!

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