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What are the Emerging Project Management Trends in 2023?

What Are The Emerging Project Management Trends In 2023, Project Management Blog
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The project management trends are changing which facilitates higher productivity in team members. Project Managers are embracing newer ways to keep their team motivated as well as ensure the successful delivery of projects.

With the emergence of new technologies and changes in the economy, the work involved in organizations is also changing. This has brought forth a newer perspective on estimating and managing their time and efforts.

The current technological, social, and market situations will soon transform the way project management is executed in the coming years.

This makes it important for managers to stay on top of the various project management trends that are going to change the way they work.

Whether you want to adapt to these newer project management trends early or you want to wait until it becomes mainstream, this article will guide the way to what you should expect in the coming years in the space of project management.


Top 5 Emerging Project Management Trends in 2023

1. Inclusion of Hybrid Project Management Methodologies

Screenshot 2023 07 28 194604, Project Management Blog


Organizations are moving to a hybrid model of project management methodologies which suggests that project managers will be using more than one methodologies to manage their teams and projects.

It’s like project managers would combine elements of waterfall methodologies and scrum methodologies when needed to develop complex projects.

In this method projects developed in waterfall models could be conducting daily standups, retrospective meetings, and other scrum ceremonies even if they are not using the complete scrum methodologies.

Although hybrid methodologies are not new and are in use since early 2016, they will soon become mainstream.

2. Large Scale Adoption of Remote Working

Screenshot 2023 07 28 194700, Project Management Blog

(source: Clutch. co)

Although remote working is not a new phenomenon, organizations around the world have been encouraging remote working since the pandemic 2019-20.

Companies are soon realizing the benefits of remote work. It offers more flexibility and saves a ton of time

Furthermore, the cost of project development and company expenses also get reduced which contributes to more revenues for the businesses.

Team members also get a ton of time they can contribute to the development of other soft and technical skills.

According to a survey, nearly 80% of respondents work remotely every day for at least one to two hours. Over 40% of them reported that they work remotely more now than they used to two years ago.

The future of project management will witness a steep rise in managing teams remotely where team managers will be conducting daily stand-up meetings, taking calls, and managing projects using online project collaboration tools as well as employing conference software for client meetings.

3. More focus on Data Analytics

Screenshot 2023 07 28 194726, Project Management Blog

(source: spiceworks)

Proper planning of a project requires insights and data from various sources which is why a ton of attention will go towards acquiring data and development for project planning through data analytics.

Today, we live in a world where tons of data is generated every second. Moreover accessing these data is not a big deal anymore. Today, project managers can easily produce data around various aspects of project development such as project timelines, and budgets, to better estimate future projects.

Companies can now expect to make these data useful such as from understanding customer needs to risk assessment and analyzing data to create important insights for successful project development.

Moreover, companies need to understand that simply reviewing the numbers in the data is not going to be enough. They should also be able to understand the pattern to derive the story a data set is providing.

The learnings developed from these projects can drive huge operational efficiencies and push organizations to newer heights of success.

4. Emotional Intelligence to Be a Coveted Trait among Project Managers

Screenshot 2023 07 28 194808, Project Management Blog

(source: Valamis)

According to emotional intelligence can strongly impact the performance of work no matter the type of job you have.

Project managers with better EI can enable clients, team members, sponsors, and managers to interact with each other with much clarity as well as handle difficult situations with ease.

EI is now a must-have trait among project managers who can understand the emotions of all the team members as well as manage varied teams with different personalities.

This will ensure that the project keeps progressing at a consistent rate.

5. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Integration to Become Mainstream

Screenshot 2023 07 28 194838, Project Management Blog


Artificial intelligence has had a positive impact on projects.

According to a PMI report, software development, aerospace, and other industries are implementing AI to be able to manage projects more effectively.

In the coming future project managers will have to take AI into account when estimating their time, effort, and resources.

This will contribute immensely to successfully completing their projects.

Using AI in data automation will make it easier to handle projects.

Project managers can create positive business relationships with team members and customers which will further result in coordination and transparency.

It is common in project management where projects are estimated poorly.

Today, AI can help project managers to calculate the duration, cost, estimates, and resource allocation more accurately than manually by a project manager.


It is estimated that by 2027 nearly 88 million professionals will be hired for project management roles.

The report also stresses the fact that a proficient project manager is crucial in delivering successful projects.

With the new trends of 2023, soon project management will play a major role in producing better projects with its new technologies as well as increasing workflow efficiency.

This exponential growth will create multiple new job opportunities where project managers will have to implement these latest trends to manage their projects.

Project management software like Orangescrum is adopting these trends into the application to deliver a wholesome project management experience.

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