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Challenges and Solutions for Ultimate Resource Management

Challenges And Solutions For Ultimate Resource Management, Project Management Blog
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2023 has been an exciting year in the field of project management. The technology is constantly evolving and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence project management solutions getting more and more intelligent each day.

As resources are the most valuable asset of the company there has been a significant rise in the demand for resource management software. However, effective resource management is also the most challenging aspect of project development.

Here in this infographic, we will discuss the inherent challenges in resource management and how to mitigate them.

Additionally, this infographic will offer valuable insights into the various techniques that project managers can employ to guarantee project success in 2024.


Why Is Resource Management Important in 2023?

Resource management is the process of planning, scheduling, and allocating team members, and technology to a project. To make it effective organizations need to ensure that each resource is used and employed productively and there is overuse or underuse of resources.

Good resource management results from availability of the right resources at the right time and performing the right amount of work. Resources are essential to reach your business objectives and goals.

Here are 5 reasons that make resource management essential for successful project development:

  1. It eliminates the risk of resource overload and prevents delays in project delivery
  2. Empowers project managers to use less resources more efficiently.
  3. Makes project planning more transparent and avoids miscommunications.
  4. Detect problems in the project early on and fix issues on time.
  5. Gives a more complete view of how the project is progressing and enables accurate forecasting and planning.

Resource management is all about creating transparency for effective project planning. It enables you to view, monitor and achieve what is required to deliver the projects. Moreover, it also enables you to minimize idle time and overutilization of resources.

When you have complete visibility of work and resources you can effectively schedule, plan and manage other aspects of the projects to ensure it moves in the right directions.

Here are a few aspects of resource management every project manager should know.

  1. Planning and scheduling – Create transparency in understanding what resources are available and who are free to join when the project expands.
  2. Resource Availability and required skills – Assess the skills of each of the project team members and what are the additional skills required to be added.
  3. Resource utilization – Knowing where resources are employed and determining if the allocations are optimized or appropriate to the project needs.
  4. Resource capacity – Understanding the true capacity of the resources in respect to the time and effort needed to complete a project.
  5. Resource prioritization and allocation – Identify the priorities of each resource and its projects to determine which area of the project requires more attention and is possible for any specialized skill set.

Challenges In Project Resource Management, Project Management Blog


Effective resource management is not just a good-to-have feature but a necessity. It is essential to succeed in effective project delivery.

Transparency is also the key which enables project managers to have a complete view of the available resources and their allocation schedules in the project.

Instead of simply allocating resources to a project, project managers should be able to plan and manage resources effectively to avoid project delays, increased cost, and project failure. For smooth and efficient resource allocation and utilization a project manager can take the help of a project management tool like Orangescrum. It has a 15 days free trial. Sign up now

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