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The 3Ps – People Process Product AND their Performance

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We all know that ALL businesses thrive only when they have the 3Ps – People, Process and Product in-sync. And that is when the most value is generated – Performance!

You may have the best of ALL 3Ps but they are paper tigers unless they deliver what they are supposed to – Performance!!

Little repetitive right?

But Hey!!! Its what we are all about – be it the MVP of your baseball team, your favourite car, favourite actor or your BBF (business better half) – Your TEAM!

While trying to achieve it for ourselves at Orangescrum, we were always at crossroads between the 3Ps and were constantly eluded by their performance!

We have a great enthusiastic and passionate team, well–defined process that we all follow but yet continued to embroil in communication lapses with a direct impact on our own product offering.

There is an entire range of communication technologies at our disposal!

Yeah I know what you are thinking of but they are all disparate and are not as integrated as we believe them to be! They are great for social connects not for real businesses.

Thus we created one for ourselves – OrangeChat – The In-App Chat!

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No struggling between multiple screens, maintaining contacts or worrying about our privacy.

Business is Business! Let the clutter be where it actually belongs – Behind us and away from business!

The In-App chat lets you

  • Keep your team together and most importantly as a TEAM!
  • Indulge in real time ideation to miss out on any great idea flashes
  • Manage your discussions and create them as tasks
  • Collaborate with transparency so that all energies are focused on solving the task at hand
  • Boost morale, productivity, foster team spirit and most importantly – Stay Connected!

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Connect with your teams and unleash true performance and capabilities of your business, your teams and most importantly Your own!


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