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The 3Ps – People Process Product AND their Performance

People Process And Performance, Project Management Blog
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We all know that ALL businesses thrive only when they have the 3Ps – People, Process and Product in-sync. And that is when the most value is generated – Performance!

You may have the best of ALL 3Ps but they are paper tigers unless they deliver what they are supposed to – Performance!!

Little repetitive right?

But Hey!!!  It’s what we are all about – be it the MVP of your baseball team, your favorite car, favorite actor or your BBF (business better half) – Your TEAM!

While trying to achieve it for ourselves at Orangescrum, we were always at crossroads between the 3Ps and were constantly eluded by their performance!

We have a great enthusiastic and passionate team, well–defined process that we all follow yet continue to embroil in communication lapses with a direct impact on our own product offering.

There is an entire range of communication technologies at our disposal!

Yeah I know what you are thinking of, but they are all disparate and are not as integrated as we believe them to be! They are great for social connections, not for real businesses.

Connect with your teams and unleash true performance and capabilities of your business, your teams and most importantly Your own!


How to Integrate People, Process and Product together for Project Success?

1. Define Clear Project Objectives:

Define Clear Project Objectives, Project Management Blog

  • People: Engage with key stakeholders, including team members, clients, and other relevant parties, to establish a shared understanding of project goals.
  • Process: Develop a comprehensive project plan that outlines objectives, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Product: Clearly define the expected outcomes and the features of the final product.

2. Build a Competent Project Team:

Build A Competent Project Team, Project Management Blog

  • People: Assemble a team with diverse skills, experiences, and expertise.
  • Process: Define roles and responsibilities, ensuring that each team member understands their contribution to the project.
  • Product: Consider the required skills for developing the product and align team members accordingly.

3. Implement Robust Project Management Processes:

Implement Robust Project Management Processes, Project Management Blog

  • People: Provide training and support for project team members to ensure they understand and can effectively follow the project management processes.
  • Process: Establish clear workflows, communication channels, and decision-making processes.
  • Product: Develop and implement a change management process to handle modifications to the product scope.

4. Promote Effective Communication:

Promote Effective Communication, Project Management Blog

  • People: Foster a culture of open communication, collaboration, and transparency within the team.
  • Process: Implement regular status meetings, progress reports, and feedback sessions.
  • Product: Utilize collaboration tools and platforms to facilitate communication and document sharing.

5. Ensure Continuous Improvement:

Ensure Continuous Improvement, Project Management Blog

  • People: Encourage a mindset of continuous learning and improvement among team members.
  • Process: Regularly review and evaluate project management processes to identify areas for optimization.
  • Product: Collect feedback on the product, and incorporate improvements in subsequent iterations.

6. Emphasize Quality Assurance:

Emphasize Quality Assurance, Project Management Blog

  • People: Instill a commitment to quality among team members, emphasizing the importance of delivering a high-quality product.
  • Process: Implement quality control measures and regular reviews to identify and rectify issues early in the project.
  • Product: Define and adhere to quality standards for the final product.

7. Align Tools and Technology:

Align Tools And Technology, Project Management Blog

  • People: Provide training on the tools and technologies used in the project.
  • Process: Integrate tools seamlessly into project workflows to enhance efficiency.
  • Product: Choose and implement tools that align with the project’s requirements for development, testing, and deployment.

8. Encourage Collaboration and Cross-Functional Teams:

Encourage Collaboration And Cross Functional Teams, Project Management Blog

  • People: Promote collaboration by fostering a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.
  • Process: Implement cross-functional teams where members from different departments collaborate on specific aspects of the project.
  • Product: Ensure that the product is designed to facilitate collaboration and meet the needs of various stakeholders.

9. Manage Risks Effectively:

Manage Risks Effectively, Project Management Blog

  • People: Cultivate a risk-aware culture where team members actively identify and communicate potential risks.
  • Process: Develop a risk management plan that includes risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies.
  • Product: Consider potential risks to the product’s development and incorporate risk mitigation strategies into the project plan.

10. Celebrate Success and Learn from Failure:

Celebrate Success And Learn From Failure, Project Management Blog

  • People: Acknowledge and celebrate project milestones and successes.
  • Process: Conduct post-project reviews to analyze what went well and what could be improved.
  • Product: Document lessons learned from each project phase and apply them to future product development cycles.

11. Invest in Training and Development:

Invest In Training And Development, Project Management Blog

  • People: Prioritize ongoing training and development programs to keep the team updated on industry trends and technologies.
  • Process: Integrate a culture of continuous learning into the project management process.
  • Product: Ensure that team members possess the necessary skills to leverage the latest tools and technologies.

12. Encourage Cross-Departmental Collaboration:

Encourage Cross Departmental Collaboration, Project Management Blog

  • People: Facilitate collaboration not only within the project team but also across different departments.
  • Process: Establish channels for inter-departmental communication and cooperation.
  • Product: Ensure the product aligns with the overall goals and needs of the entire organization.

13. Utilize Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Utilize Data Driven Decision Making, Project Management Blog

  • People: Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making within the team.
  • Process: Implement data collection and analysis strategies to inform project decisions.
  • Product: Leverage analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior and product performance.

14. Establish Clear Communication Protocols:

Establish Clear Communication Protocols, Project Management Blog

  • People: Define communication protocols to avoid misunderstandings and ensure information flow.
  • Process: Document communication guidelines and ensure their consistent implementation.
  • Product: Integrate features that support clear communication within the product interface.

15. Cultivate a Positive Team Culture:

Cultivate A Positive Team Culture, Project Management Blog

  • People: Foster a positive and inclusive team culture that values diversity and collaboration.
  • Process: Implement initiatives that promote team bonding and well-being.
  • Product: Reflect the positive team culture in the design and features of the product.


Integrating People, Process, and Product is a dynamic and ongoing endeavor. By continually refining these elements and incorporating new strategies, businesses can ensure sustained success and optimal performance in their projects. The synergy of these aspects forms the foundation for a robust and thriving organizational ecosystem.

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