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How To Keep A Delayed Project On Track

Why Projects Get Delayed – And How To Get Them Back On Track, Project Management Blog
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Every business’ ultimate goal is to deliver the project successfully in time with total alignment to the overall program vision and within the agreed cost and quality parameters.

Irrespective of a project manager’s best efforts and planning, projects do get delayed, go off-track from a business perspective or do not produce desired results in the first few milestones.

Research indicates that only 47% of projects finish on time and that’s less than half of all projects.

It means 53% of projects get delayed, and aren’t delivered in time. Primary reasons often include

  • Lack of stakeholder engagement
  • Mismanaged expectations
  • Resource conflicts
  • Shifting organization priorities
  • Poor communication

In the below infographic, we review some of the tactical reasons behind project delays and how to get them back on track

Why Projects Get Delayed – And How To Get Them Back On Track, Project Management Blog


Project Management is more than mere task and time management. There are a lot of intangibles involved:

  • Stakeholder expectation management
  • Communication management
  • Risk Management
  • Scope Management
  • Milestone Management

The key lies in ensuring that all of these aspects are handled simultaneously in a timely manner. Occasional minor task delays are ok as long as the associated risks, impact to the project are well understood and communicated properly.

Maintaining the team’s momentum is a critical success factor. And this requires, making the team understand why the project is being undertaken, its contribution to the overall strategic vision as well answering the WIIFM!

Transparent task breakdown with well-defined timelines and expected outcomes helps teams to keep the eyes on the prize!

And you can achieve all of this with a centralized online project, task management and collaboration software.

Be it auto notifications, timely alerts & reminders or resource availability and utilization details, Orangescrum brings it all together in one agile project management tool.

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