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Why do Businesses Care About Collaboration

Why Do Enterprises Care About Collaboration, Project Management Blog
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Ever heard the phrase – “None of US is stronger than ALL of us”? Well, now you certainly have!

Companies have been growing leaps and bounds; at least the successful once are. And they are always looking for ways to expand their market footprint.

Small or big, companies from all walks of life want to be closest to their customers. Hence, the advent of remote teams or agencies for e.g.

And they cannot achieve that without “collaboration”.

Collaboration is not about business partnerships only. It is a culture, a mind-set driven by specific goals and objectives. It is about doing and being the best there is.


Why so?

The answer lies in great customer service. Clearly, a business cannot succeed without enabling its customers to succeed. And the route is through great products, customer success with collaboration as its centerpiece.

Now, the question becomes how do companies enable and realize the potential benefits of collaboration?

This puts the focus directly on digital transformation and the use of technology-enabled collaboration at every level within the organization.

How To Enable Collaboration?

Enterprise-wide collaboration isn’t an overnight journey. It is a steady process with high stakes.

Most of these digital transformation projects do not end up well and fall far from meeting the promised objectives.

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Primarily due to

  • Lack of support by the sponsors and management
  • Fear & reluctance to change
  • Having not explained to your teams as to how it would make their life easier
  • The deployment takes too long
  • The chosen tool doesn’t live up to its promise

To begin with, enterprises need to ensure

  • Consistent stakeholder(s) interest and focus
  • Well-defined processes and objectives
  • Use of the right technology-enabled project management, productivity, and collaboration tools

Spending a few quick bucks and getting the most expensive tool there is won’t cut it.

One would need to assess the collaboration needs of its team, understand the work-culture of its employees, analyze the gap between the current state of affairs and the workplace-to-be.

Once you have a fair understanding of your company’s collaboration needs, look out for the right tools; for e.g. an integrated project management software with time, resource, budget, and collaborative features such as in-app chat, instant-notifications, automated reminders, in-depth reports, and analytics, etc.

Adopting the Right Strategy

Right from the project inception, make it a point that every impacted team is supported with answers to:

  • Why is the new collaboration tech required?
  • How will the productivity tools help me?
  • How long will the implementation take?
  • Will it add more work for my team?
  • Will it be aligned with my current processes?
  • Will it help me serve my customers better?

The more forthcoming the answers, the greater the confidence in the overall initiative. Remember, the adoption of Open source project Management software is crucial to success.

Draft a robust marketing strategy for the entire duration of the implementation.

Build a fan club. Share statistics around adoption and usage by the other teams. Celebrate and reward the early adopters. Show them the benefits.

Easier said than done!

Organizations need a top-down approach to make the digital transformation projects a success.

Getting the team aligned with the shared goal must be on the key objectives here. Once the teams rally behind the idea, adoption and success come easy and quick.

Business-wide Benefits of Collaboration

The market conditions dictate enterprises to be highly agile and nimble to maintain competitiveness. If you take a closer look at large companies; specific departments tend to be like an organization in themselves. They are companies within a company.

Imagine the amount of red tape and administrative processes to get through to the point. It is ridiculous to the point of being absurd at times, to be honest.

Add to it the culture of micromanagement. That’s it!

Innovation and productivity are bound to be stifled under such circumstances. And very soon you start a downward spiral in terms of business, revenue, market edge, and profits.

Hence, enterprises have been overly forthcoming in ensuring their teams have the best tools available to deliver their work in the quickest time with the best possible quality.

Precisely so, because they understand the value of

  • Aligning their teams with strategic initiatives and key projects
  • Teams being able to ideate and brainstorm at will
  • More autonomy and decision making powers with the teams to handle project risks and issues
  • Motivated employees with better work-life balance
  • Higher availability and cross-functional collaboration within the organization
  • Operational transparency at all levels
  • Visibility to real-time progress from anywhere and anytime
  • Quick and easy sharing of feedback
  • Seamless communication at the right time with the right people

These benefits enable enterprises to

  • scale at ease in terms of new geographies
  • expand product and service offerings
  • increased innovation
  • autonomous decision making
  • stay connected with the customer
  • achieve and maintain the market leader position

Wrapping Up!

Having the right project collaboration tools, processes and practices go a long way in running the business in a growth mode constantly.

We have seen the obvious benefits already but the key is to sustain them and bake them as a standard practice at our workplace.

Collaboration tools enable agility, foster teamwork, increase productivity, and act as a platform for ground-breaking solutions to our most common problems.

So what’s your drug? Which tools and practices do you deploy at your workplace for enterprise collaboration?


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