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Why Your Business Needs SaaS Enabled Collaboration?

Why Your Business Needs SaaS Enabled Collaboration 4, Project Management Blog
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Forbes has reported 73% of organizations plan on increasing collaboration, considering it vital to project success. The operative words here being – “Collaboration” and “Vital to project success”.

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It becomes imperative to understand Collaboration in its true sense.

Collaboration is an act of co-working to obtain a certain result or outcome. It can be anything from baking your favourite pie to a new product launch.

As easy as it may sound, Collaboration has been not that easy for individuals, teams and businesses and it is nobody’s fault either.

The ever-changing digital landscape, umpteen social apps, devices & platforms have spoiled us for choice. The wild digital freedom can inhibit collaboration if not used wisely.

Hence the need for a simplified and SINGLE Collaboration platform where you can

  • Get all your team members together (no matter how dispersed they are)
  • Easily exchange and brainstorm ideas
  • Real time review of progress
  • Ensure everyone understands the same thing. Understanding = True Project Requirements!
  • Everyone does exactly what is required

I have just highlighted the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of having a SaaS platform are highly strategic and manifold.

One they come in all sizes and can support individual business owners, freelancers, contractors, start-ups to large business enterprises.

Second they offer a huge decrease in the total cost of ownership of such a platform coupled with increased go to market agility.

Third and the most important of all – faster and improved Collaboration.

“61% of businesses leading the pack in terms of cloud deployment said that SaaS products offer them increased collaboration, both internally and externally – IBM Center for Applied Insights”


But HOW?

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SaaS project management tools offer varied avenues of collaboration and Orangescrum in particular offers –

  • An Organized & Mobile driven workspace
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards – to see the BIGGER picture.
  • Document Sharing
  • Resource Management
  • Informative Dashboards
  • In-app Chat
  • Activity Feeds and many more

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All of these enable real time partnering among teams. Hassle free communication keeps the team motivated and energized to do more in less time. This translates into more time for activities that are closer to the team’s heart both personal (helping the Wifey in the kitchen) and professional.

Collaboration is not a buzzword but an essential life-hack to survive constant competitor onslaught. Self-motivated and happy teams are highly productive which means more revenue for businesses.

The best aspect of a SaaS collaboration and project management platform like Orangescrum is it adapts to your company culture and the teams need and is as scalable as you want it to be.

Orangescrum is a true collaboration masterpiece, where Marketing teams, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Digital Marketers, and Sales Teams collaborate effortlessly….

And why is that?

For reasons as simple as –

WE all want to share and we all want to be heard.

WE DO NOT want choc-a-block full mailbox when we come to work every morning.

WE want to be able to communicate and get answers, feedback and approvals instantly.

WE DO NOT want to chase people for the same thing repetitively and let along be nagged by others.

WE want to focus on our core business strengths.

WE want to achieve more in less time.

WE want a healthy work-life balance and last but not the least

WE want a STRESSFREE work atmosphere and life.


Can you think of any more reasons as why Collaboration is that important in our lives today?

Do you still have your reservations for not enabling SaaS based collaboration for your business?

I am intrigued and waiting…..

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