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Kanban is a visual overview of workflow, where you can gradually manage your process to improve productivity. A way for teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and achieve dramatic operational improvements.


What is Kanban?

Kanban is a visual project management framework. It is designed to optimize workflow efficiency by visualizing tasks on a Kanban board, which typically consists of columns representing different stages of the workflow and cards representing individual tasks.

The fundamental principle of Kanban is to limit work in progress (WIP), ensuring that teams focus on completing tasks before starting new ones, thereby reducing multitasking and improving overall productivity.

Kanban emphasizes continuous improvement and encourages teams to analyze their processes, identify bottlenecks, and make incremental changes to enhance workflow efficiency.

This flexible methodology is widely adopted in various industries beyond manufacturing, including software development, marketing, and healthcare, due to its simplicity and adaptability.

Benefits of Kanban View

  1. Visual Workflow: Kanban project management software provides a visual representation of tasks and their progress through different stages, making it easy for teams to understand the workflow at a glance.
  2. Increased Productivity: By limiting work in progress and focusing on completing tasks one at a time, Kanban software helps teams prioritize effectively and reduces the likelihood of multitasking, leading to increased productivity.
  3. Flexible Adaptability: Kanban software allows teams to easily adapt to changing priorities and requirements by enabling quick adjustments to the Kanban board without disrupting the workflow.
  4. Transparency and Accountability: With Kanban software, everyone on the team has visibility into task statuses, responsibilities, and progress, fostering transparency and accountability among team members.
  5. Efficient Resource Utilization: By visualizing resource allocation and task dependencies, Kanban software enables teams to optimize resource utilization and minimize idle time, leading to improved efficiency.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Kanban software encourages teams to regularly review and reflect on their processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement incremental improvements, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  7. Collaborative Workflow: Kanban software promotes collaboration among team members by facilitating communication, feedback, and knowledge sharing within the context of the Kanban board.
  8. Real-Time Updates: Kanban software provides real-time updates on task progress and changes, ensuring that team members are always informed and up-to-date on the status of projects.
  9. Remote Collaboration: With Kanban software, remote teams can collaborate effectively regardless of geographical locations, as the Kanban board serves as a centralized hub for project management and communication.
  10. Scalability: Kanban software is highly scalable and can accommodate teams of various sizes and complexities, making it suitable for small startups as well as large enterprises seeking efficient project management solutions.

1.  Task details…the Kanban board

You can have a quick overview of what team members are working on, what has been done and what’s coming up.

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2. Task Status… who’s doing what? Collaborate in Real-Time

As soon as any of your team makes a change to the Orangescrum’s Kanban Board, this immediately gets reflected to everyone those who are part of the Project or Task. Task status is illustrated in 4 columns with colour codes namely – New, In Progress, Resolved and Closed.

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3. Drag and Drop – Reorganize Task Instantly

With Orangescrum’s Kanban – you can “drag & drop” tasks from one status to another, painlessly. This is one of coolest features that we have recently introduced within Kanban with the launch of our new user interface.

Customer Feedback

“Orangescrum helped them gain total visibility into their project as well as the steps to complete it”…Matthew Purdom

“The development process, communication and task tracking became easy with it.”…Amy Pilling

Appreciate if you can share your comments, thoughts below. If you have any questions, ask us at Check out the all new Orangescrum.

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