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What’s New: Team Utilization Report Released

Whats New Team Utilization Report Released, Project Management Blog
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Hey Orangescrummers! It’s always exciting to announce of adding new features to our product. And more so when that feature is one that you’re customers desperately want – “Team Utilization”!

We have been very mindful of our customers’ needs and what would be best for them.

Every time we come up with new updates, it’s always to make your work more convenient or bring a bit of simplicity in your process. This time we have some major updates for you!

We have made a series of updates to the Orangescrum project, designed to make it more convenient for you and bring simplicity into your workflow.


What is Team Utilization?

Data like estimated hours and spending hours for tasks can give you an overview of your team’s workload.

And utilization becomes an important part when it comes to the point when the demand is highest.

The equation calculates the efficiency of an employee by dividing the amount of time they spend on client-facing tasks by their total availability in a day.

Authentically, utilization displays the billable efficiency of your team.

Introducing Team Utilization Report in Orangescrum

The team utilization report within Orangescrum gives you a quick look at the team’s workload, allowing you to identify those who are over capacity and those who could take on more work — ultimately helping you meet project deadlines.

Users just can find the team utilization report on the “All Report” page.

Team Utilization, Project Management Blog


By clicking at the Team Utilization tab, the users are directly redirected to the Team Utilization details page or report dashboard.

Team Utilization Report, Project Management Blog

You will have the list your resources with the side-wise view of their Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, and the percentage of Estimated vs Actual hours of the week respectively.

The team utilization report dashboard comes with different metrics. Let’s go through them one by one.

Estimated Hour Report

Estimated Hours, Project Management Blog

On the estimated hour report view, you can find the total estimated hours of assigned tasks and the performed or actual hours spent on the assigned tasks of each user.

Also, the estimated vs actual hour percentage of listed users.

So the project lead can see the resource workload and their performance at a single table.

Working Hour Report

Working Hours, Project Management Blog

On the working hour report view, you can find the total estimated hours of the week and the performed or actual hours spent on the assigned tasks of each user.

Also, the estimated vs actual hour percentage of listed users.

User Note:

The weekly estimated hours will be calculated as the defined per day working hours in a week under company setting > resource setting.

If the per day working hours is defined as 8 and working days are defined as 5 for a week, the working estimated hours will be calculated as 40 (8 X 5) for a week.

On his working hour report view, project leads can see the workload of each resource for the current well as for the coming weeks.

Role Group Filter

Role Group Filter, Project Management Blog

The user can filter defined the role groups and can find the estimated vs actual hours of the users.

By using this filter project managers would be able to find the workload of a group.

User Note:

You can define the user group at the user role management page under Company Settings.

Account-based Role Filter

Role, Project Management Blog

As in the role group, you can filter the role-based users and can view their workload.

User note:

You can define the user role at the user role management page under Company Settings.

Project-based Filter

Project Filter, Project Management Blog

By using the project filter, the project manager can able to see the workload of each user underneath a particular or selected project. 

You just have to select the appropriate project name from the drop-down.

User-base Filter

User Filter, Project Management Blog

In case you want to find the workload of a user, just select the user from the drop-down and view the workload stats for the same user.

Weekly & Quarterly View Report

Team Utilization Report Quaterly, Project Management Blog

You can switch to quarterly to find the stats of 3 months. You can use all metrics like filters, working hours and assigned task’s estimated hours on the quarterly view as well.

Coming Soon

Our Orangescrum family can expect Plan Vs Actual report within our upcoming release.

The Planned vs actual report will show the current status of tasks compared with how they were originally planned along with the deviation.


Implementing a Team utilization report in your project management software can make processes much more efficient and structured. Best of all, it doesn’t take long to complete!

Now, you can use our project management system to get a better handle on what needs to happen next and easily track all of your tasks in one place.

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