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Task Management – The Key to Productive Teams

Task Management The Key To Productive Teams, Project Management Blog
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The most successful people aren’t superheroes. They have the same 24 hours in their day like us. But they find significant ways to “do” more in fewer hours. How do they do it?

When I was juggling for the solution, I found task management techniques to stay on top.

Task Management is more than planning, assigning, and tracking.

It is more about having the right people work on the right tasks in a time-boxed manner and bring them to their logical conclusion.

A robust task management process helps individuals and groups to collaborate and share information to achieve their collective goals.

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Take the chaos out of teamwork and get more done!

Effective task management requires managing all the aspects of a task which includes time, priority, status, type, dependency, notifications, and so on.


Different Approaches to Task Management

Here are the 2 task management methods which can improve your workflow and business productivity.

  • Kanban
  • Agile

Is task management quite hectic for you?

No worries!

Make it easier with the help of Orangescrum.

Orangescrum, #1 Task Management Software

Orangescrum is a time, task, and project management software. It provides an all in one collaborative platform for teams the world over to perform smoothly and effortlessly.

It enables effective project management without compromising quality.

An array of productive features makes this tool a powerful online work management platform.

Organizations without a robust project management tool generally end up managing chaos than real work.

They firefight more often than needed!

An overview of Orangescrum features:

  • Task management
  • Time management
  • Agile project management
  • Gantt chart
  • Kanban view
  • Resource Utilization
  • Invoice
  • Google drive + Dropbox integration

No matter which device you use in the organization or in the project, Orangescrum has you covered.

It is not just designed for PCs, it is also designed for laptops, mobiles, and tablets (only for iOS version). Now, let’s find out;

How Orangescrum can help you in Task Management?

It allows you to check all your tasks, ideas, issues, and feedback in one place. Hence, it can be easier for you to arrange tasks with the right priority, due dates, and assign them to your team members to get them done on time.

  • Manage tasks in one place

It allows you to create and assign tasks with utmost clarity and timeliness. You can track task progress, provide regular updates, and track spent time under one roof.

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Steps to create and assign tasks

  • Log in to your Orangescrum account
  • Create a project by entering a suitable project name, a short name for the project (mandatory), invite members to whom you want to assign tasks by entering their mail ids (separated by a comma), start date and end date, estimated hour(s) of the project in the respective fields.
  • You can always invite more users to your project as and when there is a need.
  • Create tasks for the project with a timeline, estimated hour(s) and assign to the right team member to work on the task.
  • Set the priority whether it is high/medium/low. So that your team member can see the task details and will start work on the basis of the task priority.
  • You can also create subtasks under them

N.B: In Orangescrum, entering the start date, end date and estimated hour(s) is vital as these factors define how much effort your team is putting towards the project, and whether or not they are completing their tasks on time. 

The below image shows the subtasks, which have created under tasks-

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  • Agile task planning with task groups

Do you want to check your team activities on a single board?

YES, you can check who is doing what on a single board and that is on the Scrum board or Kanban Board. Check all your tasks with their status “New, In Progress, Resolved and Closed”.

Kanban, Project Management Blog

  • Task linking

Create connections between tasks with Orangescrum’s task linking. You can create roadmaps, backlog items or issue links for your projects.

You can link two tasks while creating a new task.

Steps for task linking

  • Click on “+ Quick links” and click on “Task
  • Add task details such as Task title, project, assign to, etc.
  • Click on “Related to” to define the type of task link and add the task in the linking task field

Create Task, Project Management Blog

  • Task label

Add and change your own task labels, and use them to categorize, bookmark or identify tasks as per your project.

Quick Task1, Project Management Blog

  • Task Priority

Set the right priority for each task. It allows the team members to be on the same page as far as the task importance is concerned.

Task priority can help both the project manager and team members to identify what to do first and what next. Hence you can complete the project before the deadline.

  • Create tasks for the project with a timeline, estimated hour(s) and assign to the right team member to work on the task.
  • Set the priority whether it is high/medium/low. So that your team member can see the task details and will start work on the basis of the task priority.

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So this is the way you can create, assign, and complete tasks before the project deadline. It minimizes risks and increases business productivity.

Over to You

Project management software helps teams stay organized, connected and works seamlessly.

Teams are more successful when they have a platform to collaborate in real time with minimum delays.

The added benefits of proper task categorization, expected delivery timelines and clarity around task objectives keep the team highly engaged and focused.


Moreover, the real-time visibility of their contribution acts as a great motivator inspires to accomplish more and keeps them aligned to the overarching project goal.

Now prioritize your workload with Orangescrum. Schedule your tasks into Now, Next or Soon so you can stay focused, even when priorities change.

Have you tried Orangescrum? Not yet!  Sign up now… 🙂

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