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How to Streamline Your Workflow Using Orangescrum?

How To Streamline Your Workflow Using Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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One of the biggest challenges for teams working on software projects is the need to handle heavy workloads. If the teams are falling apart, the quality of the work also reduces which can crumble the whole organization. These issues faced by the team members in an organization are the reasons they need Orangescrum – a project management software to streamline project workflows.

Many organizations set out to improve their way of going about their daily activities, yet they fall short of achieving their goals for various reasons.

Naturally, organizations have to consider multiple aspects of business which can lead to a head-spinning experience.

This is where Orangescrum comes in; it is also referred to as a project collaboration tool. It offers a comprehensive range of useful features such as time tracking, file upload, file sharing, task creation, project creation, backlog management, and many such features that enable team members of an organization to streamline their workflow.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your workload?

Do you feel like you’re drowning in tasks and struggling to keep track of everything?

If so, it’s time to take control with Orangescrum!

It has everything you need to get organized, stay on top of deadlines, and achieve your goals faster than ever before.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your workflow and get more done in less time, Orangescrum is a great tool to consider.

It is a project management and collaboration platform that helps you manage your projects, tasks, and team members all in one place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your workflow so you can start getting more done today. From task management to project tracking and beyond – let’s dive into the world of Orangescrum!

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Below-mentioned is the list of ways Orangescrum streamlines project workflows in an organization.


1. Talent identification

The project collaboration tool enables organizations to find and allocate the right task or the right job for each team member. It enables each team member to list their skills and expertise on their individual profiles. This makes assessing resources for a particular project easier for large companies.

2. Better Communication

Traditional communication channels such as emails, and phone calls get projects more tangled than getting things done. Simply replying to emails every day takes up 20% of man hours.

Scheduling conference calls for a project meeting is an ineffective way to start a project. Whereas project management software brings all these functions with much ease and efficiency.

Team members are better able to communicate and map various requirements thereby replacing email and other traditional methods of communication.

3. Better Remote Work Collaboration

Organizations with distributed teams get to collaborate more effectively as all the tasks, files, projects, and timesheets are in sync with the central cloud server.

All team members including managers and clients can access the project collaboration tool from anywhere and can reach their scheduled task with ease.

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4. Intuitive and Relatable User Experience

Project collaboration software needs to be intuitive and relatable so that users can onboard faster and start using the software to reach business goals.

User adoption should be easier, faster, and easy to navigate when using the interface of the software. The features of a project collaboration tool are designed in a way that even users who have used any online tools such as a social media app can navigate through the various features of the tool.

5. Consolidates Various Functionalities in one Platform

Project management software enables organizations to bring various inter-departmental functionalities into one platform.

Thereby enabling them to manage all business functions from one tool. Moving from one app to another and juggling between databases can cause a great deal of confusion and oftentimes lead to mismanagement.

Project management software makes it unnecessary for businesses to manage multiple apps and software for carrying out their daily tasks.

6. Organized Documents and Files

A cloud software management app enables clients, project managers, and team members to save all of the necessary documents on a single cloud location.

This makes saving and sharing documents between team members easy and effective as documents are not lost in separate hard drives.

Join 10,000+ Project Managers Who Manage Their Work Using Orangescrum

7. Integrate to Existing Systems

Today’s project management apps are flexible and if it’s an open-source app like Orangescrum it pretty much integrates into the existing business functions and software ethos with much ease.

8. Each Team Member has a Separate Space

Each team member in an organization has their own separate space to manage, monitor and track various tasks and timelines.

This enables the segmentation of files, documents, conversations, tasks, events, etc. The project management software lets you create a number of separate spaces which can then be delegated to a specific team’s workflow.

9. Process Standardization

Orangescrum promoted process standardization in the organization that enables all team members of various departments to be on the same page when working on a project.

Because of a standardized process team members will be better informed of the phases of the development process which reduces uncertainties and lets them kick off a project at the earliest.

Various product owners make project requests in various different formats and from various different sources.

With a project collaboration tool such as Orangescrum, teams can define a single process to follow thereby enabling them to prepare request forms, templates, project road-maps, project blueprints, etc. beforehand.

These processes and workflows can be standardized, organized, and stored in cloud databases for further usage.

10. Reporting Options

More important than executing tasks is to generate reports and metrics which can be sent out to various clients after the compilation of each product phase.

Project managers can use it to derive valuable information to determine and improve their productivity, project delivery and manage time efficiently.

11. Integration

Integrations are a big part of workplace ethos. With integrations, you can seamlessly connect your existing systems to other productivity tools to increase your work capabilities. Orangescrum enables business owners to connect various essential productivity tools such as Google Drive, Slack, Google Calendar, and more apps easily to unify their tasks.


Orangescrum makes it easy to plan, capture and manage reports on work from anywhere. It provides you real-time visibility on key metrics. Moreover, it enables business owners to create automated workflows, roll-up reports, dashboards, etc. to keep the team connected and informed on the latest advancements in the project progress.

Streamlining your workflow can be the key to increased productivity and efficiency. By taking full advantage of Orangescrum’s powerful features, you can make project management simpler, faster, and more organized for everyone involved. Start today by giving Orangescrum a try – you won’t regret it!

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