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Robust Project Management Reporting for your Organization

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Enterprise Project Management is as much about continuous service improvement (CSIP) as it is about on time execution. Having multiple inflight strategic initiatives calls for real-time tracking, analysis and course correction where needed.

In this article we will see some of the must haves enterprise reporting for your organization.

Before we begin, let us take a quick look at what are the key factors that really matters for enterprises.

  • Resource Allocation Reports
  • Time and Cost Reports
  • Project Overview
  • Enterprise Portfolio Dashboard

Resource Allocation Reports

First and foremost having the “right” overview of your available resources vis. a vis. your project pipeline is very important.

It not only gives you how many of your billable resources are sitting on bench and can be re-purposed to billable projects to start with.

Secondly, you know how much more work you can take up or accomplish with the available resource pool.

Resource Allocation, Project Management Blog

Most importantly, the Orangescrum Resource Allocation report is a real-time dashboard that gives you all the info you need to track your current project status and resource performance.

Some of the salient features include:

  • Resource wise project allocation
  • Project wise resource allocation
  • Estimated hours and Spent hours progress of resources over a desired period
  • True current status of the resource’s workload
  • Resource task queue status

You get a holistic view of when all project activities are expected to be complete and which resources will be released when for an enterprise wide resource planning.

Thomas Testimonial, Project Management Blog

Time and Cost Reports

Orangescrum Enterprise project management tool offers you robust time and resource management features that are crucial for your projects.

To start with you get

  • Timesheets with approvals, timer and time entry
  • Resource Utilization Report
  • Resource Availability
  • Role based hourly rates

While running projects it is pertinent that the time and cost are well-managed.

Orangescrum helps you by enabling

  • Time tracking across tasks
  • Marking the spent hours as billable and non-billable
  • Track estimated vs spent hours to stay aligned to the project plan
  • Defining rates per roles so that you know the cost spent on completing specific tasks
  • Finally an overall billability roll-up at a resource and project level

Having a real-time time and cost view of your project is of immense help. You can quickly identify outliers and take correction actions.

You can anticipate if your project is going south w.r.t time and costs and enable proactive decisions to keep the project profitable.

At the same time, resource workloads are managed transparently for optimal utilization of your resources.

Project Overview Dashboards

Orangescrum provides you with detail overview dashboard of each project.

An at a glance view quickly gives you

  • Breakup of tasks by status
  • Billable, non-billable and total hours spent by the project team
  • Task breakdown of your project team
  • Individual billable and non-billable hours spent
  • Overall overdue tasks status of the project
  • Milestone Progress by breakdown of tasks by their status
  • Task count by task types for prompt understanding of the overall project activities
  • Notes section to highlight key issues, progress, risks etc. for your PMO and leadership teams

Project Overview, Project Management Blog

The project overview is your project’s live report card. Detailed insights help you act proactively and enable quick decision making.

Moreover, the project overview comes in handy during project status and review meetings with your customer, PMO and/or leadership team to draw attention on high priority items and prompt decision making.

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Orangescrum’s Executive Dashboard presents an all-encompassing view of your entire project portfolio.

Right from portfolio to projects to milestone progress with comprehensive time and resource management charts and project billability and cost numbers.

All moving parts of your projects tracked and diligently unleashed for you to stay on top of your organization’s operations.

The key charts on the executive dashboard include

  • Project RAG (Red, Amber, Green) Status
  • Project Progress grouping by PM or Client
  • Quick overdue and upcoming task lists filtered by specific projects & resources
  • Project Cost report vs the Cost Approved
  • Project & Resource Billability Report
  • Extensive Project & Resource wise time spent reports
  • Widget to create custom dashboard views

Dynamic Dashboard, Project Management Blog

The enterprise reporting helps you track your project revenue stream, understand the overall portfolio progress and identify which projects need your immediate attention.

Most important fact to reckon here is that all the data is action ready for your executives to take stock of their department’s progress.

You save a lot of manual efforts in building these reports on excel and power point plus high-level visibility for all your stakeholders.

And add to it the transparency and integrity of the data as everything is recorded on a single platform with no scope of human errors.

Thus it is easy for you to keep your people, process and technology aligned to the key business strategies and goals at hand.

To sum it up, Orangescrum Enterprise On-premise is a trusted choice across industries be it IT, Digital, Retail, Banking or Professional services.The holistic capabilities enable organizations to stay on top of their projects, keep them profitable and achieve goals with quality!

Try Orangescrum for free today!

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