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Resource Availability Feature Launched for Orangescrum SaaS Edition

Resource Availability 2, Project Management Blog
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Ever since we release the Resource Availability feature for the Orangescrum Open Source Edition, there has been a huge and consistent demand for the same in the Cloud Edition by our “ever engaged” users.


We’re happy to announce now that “Resource Availability” is available for Orangescrum Cloud (SaaS) users.

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Know your Resource Availability

Just adding resources to your team or company isn’t of much help when you don’t know if how big a project you can handle next!

When you do not have enough resources to meet your pipeline demands, you put a lot at stake – your company’s reputation, revenue, client satisfaction, risk of losing customers and lastly demotivated employees.

An active Resource Availability grid or dashboard comes in real handy when you are looking at an ever increasing pipeline.

You know “EXACTLY” how much work you can take up immediately…

How much resources you will have in the coming weeks or months to take on the other upcoming opportunities…

What skills, duration of availability, paid leaves, company holidays, travel etc…

This not only helps you make that “perfect project plan” but also makes you shockproof from any unexpected delays or risks.

Do spend time and make it a practice to have an updated resource availability dashboard.

How Resource Availability in Orangescrum works?

“Quick colour codes” provide you the true status of your resources – Overloaded, those who are Available, Grey indicates a leave or vacation day and Red indicates the resource is adequately booked for the day. This is the information you need at your fingertips so you can plan ahead and allocate your resources efficiently. 

Resource Availability In Saas, Project Management Blog

When you create a task and assign to a resource and if he is not available –“Resource Availability Pop-up” will show you the date when s/he will be available next and it’ll suggest the other resources available for that period.

Resource Availability Pop Up In Saas, Project Management Blog

Accordingly, you can choose a change in resource or modify task dates to assign the task to the desired resource.

If the resource is available, then you can assign the task to the resource & keep a track of his spent time. When a resource takes a leave, you can enter the details so that it will reflect on the resource calendar for the team and future task allocation.

Leave Management In Resource Availability For SaaS, Project Management Blog

The calendar provides the filter option to deep dive into a particular project and its resources or a particular resource itself.

Here is a sneak view of the benefits of the Time Log and Resource Availability feature:

    • Clarity on availability of resources for existing as well as for new task
    • Relief from nagging your teams to do their time logging
    • Automated, Easy to use and friendly timer aids in faster adoption of time tracking as a habit
    • Teams can focus on actual work rather than worrying about time tracking
    • Zero administrative overhead for time logging
    • Accurate, actionable and reliable time tracking information
    • Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours
    • Build customer confidence and trust with the Time log export
    • Clarity on resource utilization enables better project and task planning
    • Ability to identify tasks, tasks types that consume maximum time
    • You know how productive are your resources
    • Prevents loss of revenue from untracked or unbilled time
    • Easily track, manage and plan your extended teams’ work.
    • Absolute control over your extended teams’ time spend and utilization.

Orangescrum makes your Resource Management easy and helps increase productivity.

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Hop onto your Orangescrum account to explore and realize the benefits of extensive Resource Management.

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