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Project Time Tracking that actually works and one your team will use

Effortless Time Tracking That Works For Your Team, Project Management Blog
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Effortless Time Tracking that works for your team

     Automated | Simplified | Accurate | Efficient

Think Project, Think Time! That’s the norm of the day!

The moment we are told about a project our reflex is how long is it going to take? When will it end? How many hours? What is the project completion date?…. we do not even think once as to what the project is about, what technology, what product etc. We have overwhelmed ourselves so much that we made time a scarce resource… a very scarce one actually!

It has always been this way. Know why?…. Time is Money! You save it, you invest it – You see it grow! And the converse is true too.

Having said that, then the most important thing to do is efficient Time Tracking. And the irony is; we end up “time tailing” instead of time tracking. Disagree??

How about taking a quick stab at answering the questions below and honestly share the count of questions you answered (did not have answers for) with a “NO”!!

  • Do I know how many hours can I bill on the current project?
  • Will I meet my current project deadlines?
  • How much time did I spent on the just concluded project?
  • How do I give my client a realistic project estimate?
  • How much should I quote my client for the upcoming project?
  • Did I bill my client with the correct billable hours?
  • How much time did my team spent on non-billable work?
  • Which tasks consume the most of my and my teams’ time?
  • Did my team actually spent the hours they claim they did on the task?
  • What is my current resource utilization?
  • Do I have any resources available to take on new projects?

Alarmed at your answers? Well it’s time to get yourself a Time tracker that you and your teams will actually use and love. A  Time Tracker that

Timelog, Project Management Blog

  • Has a fast and smart in-built timer
  • Allows manual time entries for left out (forgotten) tasks
  • Allows entering task notes for tasks worked upon
  • Allows quick marking of billable and non-billable hours spent
  • Time logging available on multiple pages
  • Provides real time data of time spent per resource per task per project
  • Multiple filters provided to drill down on resource utilization data by (resource, date, project etc.)
  • Interactive Pie-chart view provides details of tasks worked, resources who worked on these tasks and the time spent by them on each of these tasks for each day ( cloud edition)
  • Smart validation prevents duplicate time logging
  • Allows to account for break times and auto-calculates actual spent hours
  • Provides easy to use and quick CSV export and easy bulk time log import
  • Allows easy multiple select option to generate accurate invoices

Once you get the hang of it and use it as you should; you are well placed to realize the following benefits

  • Automated, Easy to use and friendly timer aids in faster adoption of time tracking as a habit
  • Teams can focus on actual work rather than worrying about time tracking
  • Zero administrative overhead for time logging
  • Accurate, actionable and reliable time tracking information
  • Transparent management of billable and non-billable hours
  • Build customer confidence and trust with the Time log export
  • Clarity on resource utilization enables better project and task planning
  • Ability to identify tasks, tasks types that consume maximum time
  • You know how productive your resources are
  • Prevents loss of revenue from untracked or unbilled time

Don’t trust me yet!! No worries. Don’t take my word; but find out for yourself by using the Orangescrum Time Log!

Sign up Now Explore Time Log Add-on

Over to you, to share your comments/feedback below on what better use did you put the Time Log to and how many of the outlined benefits did you realize? I would be surprised and would love to hear from you if it’s the other way around ?

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