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How to Choose a Project Management Software for your Remote Team

Project Management Software For Your Remote Team, Project Management Blog
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Remote teams are the new norm and ensuring they are well supported by a project management software is on top of every project manager’s mind.

No wonder, there has been a huge spike in the project management & collaboration software adoption rates in the last 3 months.

The whole idea is centered around:

  • Keeping the business functional as usual
  • Setting up an effective remote team
  • Ensuring optimum customer support
  • Preventing distraction and chaos among the teams

Why do I need project management software?

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Project Management tools come handy, with their boundless benefits, ease of use & their role in boosting productivity.

  • Project Planning – Breakdown all project activities from start to finish. Predefine project plans to be reused when needed, prevent manual efforts and save time.
  • Scheduling and Time Management – Consider the resources at your disposal & schedule the milestones w.r.t. agreed timelines.
  • Resource Allocation – To ensure that the right kind of people have been allocated with the right kind of work. In addition track your resource availability and utilization.
  • Budgeting – Keeping your budget in check is one of the vital things in every project; and it includes the cost of people (contrary to popular belief).
  • Real-time Collaboration – Posting comments, notes, assigning a task to your colleagues or just getting in touch with the stakeholders… it’s all possible in a project management tool.
  • Documentation – Share documents in a flash, & keep all project info accessible & centralized.
  • User Privileges –  custom user roles are important to ensure that information is shared on a need to know basis and prevent unauthorized access as well as “too much information” (TMI)

Are you looking at project management software for the first time, and not sure which one is best for your business and team?

If you are thinking so then the following tips will be helpful to get the right project management software.

How To Choose A Project Management Software For Your Team, Project Management Blog


Project management tools have become the most important thing for all small, medium and large organizations.

What makes project, task and resource management tools so popular is their ability to allow for

  • holistic collaboration with your remote teams
  • Clarity of work & prevent distractions
  • Teams have their jobs cut out and can focus on their key deliverables
  • Streamlined communication with clients, timely updates on issues & progress
  • Leadership to monitor performance in real-time
  • Understand the project pipeline, resource requirements & foreseeable conflicts

No matter, which tool you pick (there are 1000s of them), focus on your key requirements from the business, process and team standpoints.

Explore relevant features that will align with your business & do not go for the ones that have too many features. If you need them good, if not you will add to the confusion.

Still not sure what and how to choose just the one?

Try Orangescrum with a no commitment 45day trial and ask for a 1:1 consultation if you feel the need. We’ve got you covered!

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