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Product Update: Zoom + Orangescrum Integration Released!

Zoom Orangescrum Integration Released, Project Management Blog
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Hello, Orangescrummer’s! We’re back with another update for you! The latest version of Orangescrum allows you to integrate with Zoom, so that the users can start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly without switching the application.

We created a successful customer feedback system where we are getting suggestions and feedbacks for our product regularly. Capitalizing on those suggestions we make our product more efficient that would help you to succeed.

Thank to our customers once again who contributed by presenting and sharing their views on this feature.

We know that you want to work with a product that cares about what’s best for you, and Orangescrum has always been committed to understanding your needs and meeting them.

With this update, we’re adding features that will help you to collaborate your projects more efficiently and simplify the workflow.


Why Zoom

Zoom is an online video platform that can be used for meetings, chats, phone calls, webinars, and online events.

Zoom provides a secure and reliable service so you never have to worry about sound or video quality.

Zoom has always been essential for business, but during the COVID19 pandemic, it became an even more essential app. Zoom is the perfect solution for businesses that are following the work from home concept.

In this scenario, Orangescrum and Zoom are partnering up to help teams have more purposeful and productive meetings.

How to initiate Zoom Connect within Orangescrum:

To Integrate Zoom with Orangescrum, the Account Owner or Admin needs to enable the Zoom integration feature for their users first.

To enable the Zoom Integration feature:

1: Go to “Profile” from the top right corner. (For Admin/Account Owner Only)

2: Click on “Integrations”

3: Select “Zoom” from the drop-down menu.

Orangescrum Profile Setting, Project Management Blog

** The user will be redirected to the Zoom Integration page.

4: Click on “Enable Zoom”.

Enable Zoom, Project Management Blog

Note: In case the Account Owner or Admin wants to disable the Zoom Integration feature, simply follow the same step and click on the “Disable” button.

Disable Zoom, Project Management Blog

5. User Role Permission to Create Zoom Meeting

After enabling the Zoom Integration feature, the Account Owner / Admin needs to provide custom users access permission to “Create” or “View” at User Role Permission Page.

  • Go to the user role permission page
  • Enable Zoom meeting creation and Zoom Meeting details view option from the list
  • Save

User Role Permission, Project Management Blog

Use case:

The Zoom Integration feature is available for Professional Plan that starts for 11 users.

Left S, Project Management Blog

One platform for better teamwork.

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The user roles like the Guest user, Client, Users are by default denied using this feature. Other custom users can able to use this feature (considering to their role permission).

Connect with Zoom

After the feature gets enabled by the Account Owner / Admin, the user can able to find the “Connect Zoom” button at the Zoom integration page underneath their profile setting.

  • Click on the “Connect Zoom”
    Connect Zoom, Project Management Blog
  • You will be redirected to the Zoom Login pop-up. 
  • You can either log in to your existing Zoom account or create a new Account on Zoom.

Sign In Zoom, Project Management Blog

  • After signing in to Zoom, you will be asked to allow authorization between the Orangescrum account and the Zoom account.

Allow Aurtorization, Project Management Blog

  • On click in “Authorize”, the integration between Orangescrum and Zoom will proceed.

How to create a new Zoom Meeting in Orangescrum:

The users with access to manage tasks can create a new Zoom meeting by following the tasks below.

1: Select “Tasks” from the left side menu.

2: Select the task for which you want to create a Zoom meeting.

3: Click on the “Zoom” option from the right side menu on the task details page.

** The user will be getting a dropdown menu with 2 options

  • Create Meeting
  • Add existing Meeting

Task Details Page, Project Management Blog

4: Select the “Create Zoom” option from the drop-down.

** The user will be asked to enter the meeting details.

5: Fill in the meeting details

6: Click on “Save” to create the Zoom.

Create Zoom Meeting, Project Management Blog

How to add an existing Zoom to the task:

The users can add an existing Zoom meeting to a task by following the steps below.

1: Click on the “Zoom” option from the right side menu on the task details page.

** The user will be getting a dropdown menu with 2 options

  • Create Meeting
  • Add existing Meeting

2: Select the “Add an Existing Meeting” option from the drop-down.

3: Enter the Meeting I’d of the Zoom meeting you want to add to the task

Add Existing Zoom Link, Project Management Blog

Use Case:

  • Once the Zoom meeting is created, the user will be able to get the meeting details from the right side menu of the task details page
  • The users can create only one Zoom meeting per task currently. Separate Zoom meetings, however, can be created for the subtasks created within a task.
  • The name of the Zoom meeting remains the same as that of the task/subtask against which the meeting has been created.
  • All the users assigned to the tasks will be getting an email notification if the “Notify via email” option is enabled. The email carries the Zoom meeting I’d.

How to view, copy, and Remove Zoom Meeting:

After creating a zoom meeting successfully, the associated users (to the task) can View, Copy Zoom Link, and Remove the meeting on the task details page.

View in Zoom: Once users click on the “View in Zoom” the user will redirect to the zoom website/app with the created Zoom details.

Copy Link: User able to copy the Zoom meeting link after clicking on the “Copy Link”.

Remove from Task: Users can remove the zoom meeting link, using the “Remove from task” button.
Ziew Cpy Link, Project Management Blog

The benefits for having Zoom within PM Tool

The world of project management and communication has radically changed in the last decade.

Schedule your Meeting with ease!

Centralize your Projects, Tasks, and Resources in one place.

Signup Now

Zoom is a simple and easy tool that lets you host and share video meetings while adding features like built-in chat, screen sharing, and desktop video conferencing.

With Zoom, we can eliminate some of the frustrations of running project meetings such as overlapping audio or having to wait for others to join.

Zoom provides a solution that allows users to make video conference calls with up to 100 people simultaneously, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

The Zoom in-product app offers a range of features, including live streaming, recording, screen share, etc.

Coming Soon

Microsoft Sign In

Os Microsoft 300x166, Project Management Blog
Now, with this integration, you can sign in to Orangescrum by using your Microsoft account. This will reduce the friction of signing in and give you one-click access.

Enhanced Task Details Page

The Orangescrum Task Details modals will now reference the page layouts that appear in the standard interface for the task objects. That means you can work on a project with a task object and layout that best suits your needs!


Orangescrum is a straightforward and flexible project management tool that’s designed to keep your teams on track and focused on what’s important. It helps you get more done, faster!

So, project managers can now create, manage, and share agendas from the meeting room within their tasks without having to rely on third-party applications.

The business benefits of these tools are clear.

With Orangescrum and Zoom, teams can stay connected no matter where they are, collaborate within the context of their work, and ultimately, get work done fast.

It’s a simple truth: the right tools make a difference.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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