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Orangescrum Release: “Sweet November”!

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Hello Everyone!

We’re excited to share progress made in November & keep you abreast on new upcoming features for both our Cloud & Community editions.

The last month was quite eventful for both our editions & we also celebrated Thanksgiving with our customers by “Thanking” them in our own small way – Attractive Discounts!

Open Source Edition Update & Release:

We saw a highest download number in last month for community edition. We are about to reach 50,000 downloads & almost 6000 pulls in Docker.

This Thanksgiving we provided exciting offers with various discounts for Solo, Combo add-ons & Pre-Built packages.

New Add-on Release:

Time Log Gold:

Looking at various aspect, requirement and feedback of customers, we have launched Time Log Gold add-on.  In this post, we have mentioned the detail features of Time Log Gold; still I am giving you a brief overview why you should need this add-on badly for your business or organization.

This add-on helps you to check the availability of resources; track & log time, generate the resource utilization report & keep track of your payables along with your team’s time.

It has the following features:

Resource Availability: This will let you know which resource is available for the day & which is not. Also during a task creation it shows you the suggestion if the assigned resource is not available & when that resource will be available or which resources available during that day or dates.

Resource 3 1, Project Management Blog

Time Log & Timer: It has the same feature as Time Log add-on. You can entry time for a task manually or with smart in-built timer.

Time Log, Project Management Blog

Billable-Non Billable: Mark a task as Billable or non-billable as per your requirement & generate accurate invoice as per the billable hours.

Resource Utilization: Check which resource utilized or worked more & which less? Generate report which resource worked how many hours/task/project/day/month.

Time Log Chart view: This is a new time log report added to Tie Log Gold. This will help the Project Managers, team members, Stakeholders to view the time spent by the project teams in a monthly as well as daily view.

Chart View 3, Project Management Blog


Time Log Export: Export your time entries & analyze the way you can for your analysis & improvement.

Feature Improvement:

Kanban Drag & Drop: Now you can drag & drop your tasks to any Kanban board for your easy & quick task management.

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Upcoming Features:

Invoice Gold Add-on: This will automate your invoice management.

Executive Dashboard Add-on: This is an improved, informative & analytical dashboard for executives /owners that provides real time progress on projects, costs, time, resource utilization and overall operational statistics at an organizational level.

Time Log add-on update: We will release the time log add-on update for the existing Time Log Add-on buyers.

Mobile App update: a major update for our mobile app that will let you to manage projects, attachments & users along with existing task management features.

Kanban Enhancement: We’re also adding estimated hour & spent hour in the Kanban view in the Tasks & Milestones page.

Cloud Edition Update & Release:

New Features:

Time Log Import & Export: You can now import your Time Logs using the sample .csv file. Also you can export your time logs from the Time Log page.

Import: You can now import your data into Orangescrum by deleting the unwanted column fields from the csv template.

Pending Task: This new analytics report has been added to the “Analytics” page recently. It shows you the Total number of pending Tasks per Resource with Remaining Time, Estimated Time & Spent Time.

Pendingtask 1, Project Management Blog

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Upcoming Features:

Mobile App Release: This is in the last phase of testing. We’ll try our best to release on or before Christmas or New Year.

We hope you are equally excited about these update; stay tuned for more updates next month!

Drop a comment below if you have an unresolved issue or have a wish list for Orangescrum. We are listening!


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