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Orangescrum Mobile App Released for Community Users

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We’re extremely happy to announce that our mobile app for community users is here. You can get it from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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With Orangescrum’s incredibly intuitive mobile application, you can create, assign, view & edit tasks on the go. It’s unbelievably fast, that speeds up your productivity.

Orangescrum with you all the way, all the time!



Mobile App lets you:

  • Bright, interactive and animated interface
  • View the project listing of all your assigned projects
  • Task listing of each project
  • Create & assign tasks on the go
  • Post comments and updates to tasks
  • Edit and delete tasks
  • Check task updates, indulge in discussions, and adjust schedules, spot tasks on the go
  • ….more coming soon

Task Listing View, Project Management Blog

Project Listing, Project Management Blog

Task Detail, Project Management Blog

Search Task, Project Management Blog

Create Task, Project Management Blog

How You Can Use the Mobile App for Your Account?

You first need to download Open Source Project Management Software and setup the Orangescrum Community Open Source edition. Post setup, go to Settings >Company Settings>My Company> to generate an API Access Code.

API Set Up, Project Management Blog

You can use the mobile app once you have your URL and API Access Code generated by your Owner or Admin.

You can purchase the Mobile API from our marketplace.

Orangescrum Mobility is built and designed to be flexible, intuitive, and smart enough to support fast-moving teams of all sizes. The Mobile API add-on lets you generate the API access code to login to the Orangescrum mobile app (iOS and Android).

You and your team can now manage complex projects and exercise further control on your work life with a quick tap on Orangescrum App – Always!

You have been longing too long, it’s high time to download your mobile magic.

Our Mobile App for cloud users is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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