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Orangescrum Learning Series: #6 How to Automate your Tasks

Recurring Task, Project Management Blog
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On learning series #3, we have talked about how you should manage your To-Dos. It is always difficult to accomplish everything in a to-do list. At the same time there will be new tasks to be added and the overdue tasks need to be completed on time.

The most important; with this to-do list you need to ensure to complete the recurring tasks like daily team/client meetings, reviews, reports, bill payment etc.

Sometimes we overlook these recurring tasks when some important tasks arise even if these are important to our business.

So I bring you to our next chapter “how to automate your recurring tasks”; so no task is left undone after the end of the day or month.

“Automation” is one of the key Project Management Trends we see in 2017. How can we miss that? We’re adding “automation” and “Artificial Intelligence” (we’ll explore more in 2017 for Orangescrum) in our project management software as well.

We know sometime these repetitive tasks are boring & very difficult to complete along with our To-Do list. That’s why you need to select the Recurring Task feature which will save your productive time & hassle of creating the same tasks repetitively. You just focus on the actual WORK; Orangescrum will do the rest for you.

The biggest & important aspect of automation is to prevent errors, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Suppose you have clients you need to invoice them for monthly payments. Without reminder the date will vary month to month or sometimes you may forget to send the invoices on time due to other pressing assignments; that may affect your business and revenue.

With the help of recurring task, you will get the reminder with task details on the stipulated day or date of the month. It will create an automatic task; so you just need to send the invoice at the scheduled time.

Recurring Daily, Project Management Blog

In most cases; you need to generate weekly/monthly operations reports every to track progress or share with the clients. Due to heavy work or client meetings you may miss out on this key strategic delivery.

The Recurring Task feature will come in handy to keep you on top of your tasks so you can complete them on time.

Once you set up the recurring task, the task can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually or any desired frequency. The task will be created and assigned to the same resource. More importantly it will send you an email notification as well.

Monthly Day, Project Management Blog

Even for your recurring payables, you can create a recurring task to remind you on time so that you can avoid the extra/penalty charges.

Start Recurring

That’s from me. It is important to use the recurring tasks to accomplish all your tasks for the day. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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