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Ways to Manage Your Team Effectively During Social Distancing

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The COVID-19 outbreak has brought an unprecedented and radical change in business practices. Most organizations have to shut shop due to the quarantine and social distancing requirements.

On the other hand, the tech oriented and digital businesses are tasked with 100% remote team collaboration to keep their lights on and provide optimum services and support to their customers.

Not many organizations have proper work from home or remote work policies and procedures established. And this has presented unexpected challenges in conducting smooth operations.

Team leaders and managers who haven’t dealt with remote teams and reduced face-to-face interaction are finding it hard with project and resource management.

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They are waking up to numerous new challenges such as:

  • low employee engagement
  • risk of project delay,
  • lack of team communication and coordination

We have put a few actionable recommendations to help you manage your team effectively during this call for total lockdown and social distancing.

Ways To Manage Your Team Effectively During Social Distancing, Project Management Blog


The current business scenario is a good time for retrospectives. The new challenges lead to finding innovative ways and improvements to make things better. You will be amazed to see how simple tactical shifts will prove beneficial.

The key is to go back to the drawing board where possible, pull out your pretending wish list, items you wanted to add to your product, service or to your skill set.

While you do all of these, maintain focus on your projects and teams with the use of right technology and processes. The tech is always there, the need is to make well-oiled machines that scale and are capable of dealing the unexpected too.

Are you a remote team manager and managing your team during social distancing? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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