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How to Make an Effective Project Management Plan

How To Make An Effective Project Management Plan 1, Project Management Blog
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For project managers, a successful outcome is always preceded by a well-prepared project management plan. There’s no second opinion about it.

After all it’s a roadmap that guides the entire team from start to finish. A lot of effort is put into planning that roadmap. So here’re a few things that will help you prepare a better Project Management Plan.


Document Properly – Always

We humans are equally good in making plans, as in forgetting those. So the basic thumb rule here is to keep everything on record. Documentation helps a lot more than people realize.

More so, a clear documentation gives the team a defined goal to achieve. People feel motivated when they know how their work contributes to the bigger cause.

The key here is to start by defining high level tasks or goals first, and then getting into the finer details.  

Focus on the Timeline

As a manager, it’s your foremost duty to set a realistic & meaningful timeline for the progress of the job in hand. Keeping the team under a timeline helps in getting the work done within budget as well, which is pretty important.

When everyone involved knows the deadline, the work process becomes smoother. As managers you also have to make sure, your team doesn’t get over involved in tasks that are of low priority. Setting priorities up front is a good idea.

Communicate with Stakeholders

Communicating clearly with your team members from the start, works really well in keeping everyone on the track & avoids errors. However, depending on person to person… the manager has to decide the level of information he needs to share.

Foresee Problems

No project plan is fool-proof. There’ll always be conflicts, misunderstandings & delays. That’s where a sound risk assessment & management plan comes in handy. It enables the team to deal with the roadblock or avoid them altogether.


I would be happy to see this list grow. Be my guest! Please add them below.

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