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Key Reasons to Use a Project Management Tool

Key Reasons To Use A Project Management 5, Project Management Blog
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Multitasking is the new normal in today’s age. Having a solution that will make life easier for the multi-tasker, with accuracy is the real deal.

That’s where Project Management tools come in handy, with their boundless benefits, ease of use & their role in boosting productivity. However, with time Project Management tools have come a long way from just managing tasks.

Everything from project planning to resource allocation involves a project management tool & this trend is only set to continue in the near future. An agile Project Management tool is what can give you a competitive advantage, helping you lead in your industry.


Key Project Management Functions

  • Scheduling and Time Management – Consider the resources at your disposal & schedule the milestones w.r.t. time in hand.
  • Project Planning – Plan all your projects easily while keeping a tab on past records.
  • Resource allocation – To ensure that the right kind of people have been allocated with the right kind of work.
  • Budgeting – Keeping your budget in check is one of the vital things in every project; and it includes the cost of people (contrary to popular belief).
  • Real-time Collaboration – Posting comments, notes, assigning a task to your colleagues or just getting in touch with the stakeholders… it’s all possible in a project management tool.
  • Documentation – Share documents in a flash, & keep the entire record at one place.

Key Benefits of a Project Management Tool

Multi User Collaboration on Projects

Often a large project is being assigned to a whole bunch of people with different skill sets. In such cases, project management tools bring everyone together on the same page.  


Project management tools tend to define a certain flow or path to be followed, when it comes to task completion or issue handling.


Project management tools play a vital role in monitoring the stages of a project and can provide insights into whether you’re on time or not.

Improved Decision Making

With all the latest information at your fingertips, decision making is so much easier with a good project management tool.

Customer Satisfaction

This just has to be the BIGGEST advantage of using a project management tool. Accurate, transparent & on-time project completion means high chances of getting full-on customer satisfaction. And there are high chances of a delighted customer staying with you for longer period.

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