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How to Use Project Templates in Orangescrum

How To Use Project Templates In Orangescrum, Project Management Blog
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Project Templates are productive means to structure and execute specific project types.

The basic idea behind project templates is to have a well-defined view, specific status workflow and corresponding task types, etc. to make project execution smooth.

Orangescrum project management tool offers comprehensive project template features.

Based on careful review, customer requests and best practices, you can start with the following 8 project templates.

Before we move on to the specifics, I would like to give you a quick rundown of project template benefits.

Improve remote collaboration with Orangescrum

Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


All projects cannot be run and managed in a similar fashion.

For e.g. content management projects are based run with a dedicated flow of their own and a Kanban board is the most preferred view to manage them.

Similarly, product development teams prefer an intuitive Scrum Board to take care of their Sprints, epics, and stories.


Key Benefits of Project Templates

  • Collaboration is easier
  • Flow of the sequence of events is well-defined
  • Team roles are clear
  • Expectations are properly set at both ends (team and stakeholder)
  • Teams communicate using a common language
  • Information exchange is streamlined. No unwanted surprises!

Sounds great!!!

But how do we achieve them with Orangescrum??

  1. Head on to the Project Templates page once you are logged into your Orangescrum account.
    Scrum, Project Management Blog
  2. Select a template that best suits your project by clicking on Create Project.
  3. You will be presented with the Create Project pop-up. Enter the details and hit on Create.
    Board, Project Management Blog
    Fun Tip: Pay close attention to the “Template” and “Workflow” fields on the Create project form.
  4. Now, the workflows are also predefined and linked with the project templates.
  5. For e.g., if I choose a Content Management workflow, my resultant Kanban board would like this –
    Kanban, Project Management Blog

Fun Tip: “Custom Status Workflow” can be totally custom created by you based on your preferred status swim lanes. The above image is an illustration of typical content flow.

Now, some more insights to help you get going with project templates and workflows.

  • The defined project templates can be used across various projects
  • You can define as many Status workflows as you need.
  • The caveat is one status workflow per project.
  • Your status workflows can have unlimited task status.
  • Each project template offers its own views.
  • Simple templates work best with – List view
  • Task Tracking, Bug Tracking, Content Management offer – Board view
  • Kanban offers the – Kanban View


The whole idea of this blog to help you get started with project templates. Whether a seasoned project manager or just starting your project management career, Orangescrum is the perfect stepping stone.


The dynamic association of project templates, status workflow, and project plans allows you enough ammo to ensure your well-established processes are brought to life.

You eliminate scope for human error and missing out on process steps.

Thus, sealing any possible cracks in your planning or execution flow. Plus it also acts as a robust checks and balances mechanism for your projects and team members.

Signup Free and follow the 5 simple steps illustrated above to steamrolling your projects!

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