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How Time Tracking Software’s are Dominating Timesheets

How Time Tracking Software Is Dominating Time Sheets 1, Project Management Blog
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William Penn says, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.

We all know how time is important to us. But we do forget about TIME MANAGEMENT while we’re busy sorting other things wisely.

If a lack of visibility on how time is spent and managed is an issue, efficient time management is simply the best way to curb this mess.

It makes teams or resources more effective, businesses more profitable and companies more prolific.


What is ‘Time Management’ exactly?

Time management is a process of planning and organizing how to divide time between several activities so that all the assigned work can be completed on or before time, within budget.

Good time management helps you to work smarter.

Time and tide wait for none” – This is applicable the most if you are a project manager, a businessman, a freelancer, or an accountant; time is more precious than anything else.

For business management and IT industries, effective time tracking is a vital part of time management.

Using timesheets, it has become almost impossible for managers to get a glance of what’s happening in the team & where do things stand. Things get worse if you have a large team to look at.

Times have changed now. Here are a few points that show how a time tracking software can help in business:

  • Increase Productivity: Time tracking tool analyzes the work capacity of your team members i.e. clearer deadlines, reduced time wastage.
  • Effortless Time Capture: No manual intervention in trying to log your team’s working hours. Just set the parameters in your app & it does the work.
  • Better Workflow: Time management software provides business owners with a great overview of how employees are spending their time, what was your last project’s completion time and so much more. This is really helpful when it comes to streamlining things, rearranging projects, assigning tasks, etc.
  • Cut Expenses: The ultimate aim for any business is profits and business owners are constantly looking for a way to cut costs & increase profits. Time tracking tools let them understand the company workflow and identify the flaws that need to be addressed. Often, small problems go unnoticed until it is too late. Technology will prevent that from happening.

What are you thinking about?

Higher productivity can always be achieved with the right strategies and tools. Tracking and managing how your teams spend their time is important for every single company.

What are you thinking? Say goodbye to boring timesheets & go for the best time tracking software that will enhance your business productivity.

Schedule a demo with one of our productivity experts, and learn how Orangescrum can help your organization to be more aware of time management and the allocation of resources across projects and tasks. You’ll love it!

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