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How Mobile & Internet Technology Company saved 38% of manual efforts on Project Management with OrangeScrum?

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Running a business successfully requires absolute visibility of your strategy and its execution. To be specific; you need to cover your bases well – understand the market dynamics, your competition and how you present yourself to your customers.

And suddenly being agile in your execution, being productive and delivering more with less becomes the need of the hour.

But is it as easy as it sounds?

Technology markets around the world are a crowded space and carving out a niche for yourselves is the toughest ask we must overcome to stay relevant and on top.

One such example is of App Inlet a mobile & internet technology company that offers professional app and web development to its customers globally. They have a qualified team of exceptionally experienced business analysts, architects, programmers, developers, and designers on our staff – the complete team to complete any project.

They have an illustrious clientele that includes KFC, Pay Gate, Pemberton Greenish and National Finance Educators Council to name a few.


App Inlet’s mission

We want to build a relationship with you that lasts far beyond the on-time, on-budget delivery of your current application, traveling with you into the ocean of creativity as your company evolves. We strive to be as approachable as your next-door neighbor.

Bruce and his problems!

As App Inlet grew leaps and bound so did their Project Tracking efforts. There was an increasing dependency on manual efforts to get the true status of their project progress, billable hours, invoicing details along with staying on top of their team’s progress.

As all business owners Bruce Atkinson, Managing Director, App Inlet too started his search for a time tracking and project management tool. And he shares his experience –

“I was using Tracking Time and it was expensive per user only for time logging. Reports were annoying and required plenty of my own manual work to get the formatting right. Project tracking was clunky, as I had to use Asana and Tracking Time to bill and plan. I did not have a nice PM or Gantt chart either.”

Enter Orangescrum!

It is evident that Bruce obviously did not need multiple tools thereby adding to his workload and taking away focus from his core business. Exactly the opposite of what he needed!

Billability is a crucial factor in the app development and services business. We can never be frugal enough in ensuring high billability of our resources.

More than billability, it is about being productive and efficient.

  • How do you track task progress without having proper time tracking and utilization report to measure your estimated vs actual hours?
  • How do you know if your invoices are accurate without accurate billable hours spent by your team?
  • How do you measure your team’s and the project’s performance without real-time project tracking, analytics and report?

OrangeScrum has revolutionized my business, making us more efficient and reducing manual tasks and annoying follow-ups. The support team is also helpful and responsive. We absolutely love it!”

The App Inlet team needed a central project management and collaboration tool for all. A single source of information and truth that provides

  • Single pane of the Organizational view
  • Data-driven and analytical approach
  • Quicker & accurate decision making driven by real-time granular data
  • Unbridled clarity around business directives and organization goals
  • Centralized collaboration among workforce
  • Last mile integration of team(s) goals with that of the organization
  • Real-time monitoring of key deliverables and milestones
  • Highly coordinated project planning and execution
  • Improved and automated clutter free communication
  • Well defined employee performance management and engagement
  • Highly motivated and productivity oriented workforce

And in Bruce’s own words – OrangeScrum allows for efficient task planning and time logging for my employees. The reports are useful and have all required information available. The biggest instant savings were from automation of manual follow-up methods, which has made me more productive and efficient. It also allows me to better plan my resource allocation so I don’t drop the ball too often. I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what this system can do for me.”

Project & Time tracking woes no more!

With its comprehensive feature set & a central repository for all projects information, OrangeScrum allows team members to manage project tasks from any web-enabled device, share information more efficiently, monitor project progress with less effort and learn from past projects, allowing for better planning in the future.

Why not streamline your digital and app development agency that is well supported for accelerated growth by Orangescrum?

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