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Use Of Open Source In Agile Project Management Team

How Does An Open Source Agile Project Management Software Improves Team Productivity, Project Management Blog
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Combining Open source with Agile Project management will provide you with many amazing results.

With Open Source Agile Project Management your team can effectively organize and prioritize their work, you can check on the work progress and provide solutions to the problems.

This effective methodology doesn’t only help you with planning, organizing, fixing bugs but also increases the productivity of your team.

Agile Is 25 Pct More Productive, Project Management BlogSource: Delta Matrics

Leveraging Agile Project management Software with open source creates a positive impact on both the development and runtime environment of your software applications.

The team that uses this advantage has observed better productivity, they were able to deliver applications by following all the goals before the deadline.

According to 2018 data, projects that follow agile methodology are 28% more successful but the productivity increases to 50% higher when they follow agile methodology with open source.


Why does Agile Project Management work with Open Source?

Agile and Open Source works well together. An organization can effectively collaborate, share, have more flexibility, and contribute faster that helps to speed up the organization’s deployment.

Epic Burndown Chart Atlassian 1024x540 1, Project Management Blog
Source: IntellectSoft

You get the ability to edit and share code in real-time with other developers which is productivity growth. The agile teams that rely on open source gain productivity in the tasks that help the organizations to create High-Quality Software.

An agile Framework in a project helps the contributors to understand the process and the order it follows to complete a work.

When it’s paired with Open Source, the simple framework follows a long way that creates confidence among the potential contributors to get indulged and understand the bugs and how it is fixed.

It creates a bigger impact and provides amazing results to the projects.

Companies are managing their change in velocity by adopting Open Software along with Agile Practices.

How does Open Source Agile Project management Software improve Productivity?

With the Agile Development process and open-source software, you can build the software at a faster and cheaper price.

Open Source offers a large amount of productivity and enhances opportunities. This gives you the ability to easily assess the best open source component that creates productivity in developers.

“Being more productive, or improving your team’s productivity, is the result of careful planning and focused efforts. It requires a diligent approach to time management and workflow practices.” – Chloe Smith, Business Consultant

Agile Connection, Project Management Blog
Source: Agile Connection

The developers and test engineers using open source have to solve the most complex problems that most commercial tools are lacking.

Open Source provides a platform to the large community of developers, that shares good practices, solves coding problems, and more.

As multiple teams work together on various projects with tight deadlines, in such cases having Agile principles will improve the flexibility of resources in the shape of open source solutions, this boosts the productivity of the team members.

Your agile team can get fast resolution on their ongoing tasks and work on the limitations that are offered by some of the commercial management tools imposed in their development cycles.

In such cases, the agile teams can depend on the open-source project management software that makes it easier and creates fewer struggles in dealing with software licenses among individuals.

Your teams just need to simply download a free repository from the web and start the work immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Open Source Benefits an Organization?

Open Source enables technology agility, typically and multiple ways to solve various problems.

It helps your IT organization from being blocked because of the unavailability of a particular capability from the vendor.

But instead of waiting for the vendor to provide you with the capability, you can create it on your own.

How can Agile Teams open productivity?

By following these effective steps Agile Teams can improve productivity:

  1. Size of the team
  2. Regular Meetings
  3. Backlog of the products
  4. Continuous improvement
  5. Avoid multitasking of the project

Which open-source tool is most appropriate for developing projects using agile methods?

With open source, project management tool developers following Agile Practices have gained productivity in various industries.

Here is the list of top Open Source Tools that follows agile principles:

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What are the advantages of open source for agile teams?

Agile Teams follow open source which helps industries to generate High-Quality Software.

Here is the list of advantages of Open Source for Agile Team:

  1. Productivity
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Autonomy
  4. Increase Workflow
  5. Adaptability
  6. Flexibility


With Agile Principles the ability to leverage available Open Source code allows the organization to gain 32% productivity for the team.

Open Source helps the developers to increase the productivity of Agile Project Management Tools. It helps to create coding faster and reduces the cost of development.

The Engineering Resources focus on developing innovative features that increase the value of the business application.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.

Orangescrum gives unlimited storage for any number of projects to your whole team for free.


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