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How AI and Automation is Transforming Project Management

How AI And Automation Is Transforming Project Management, Project Management Blog
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Among all the recent technologies that made our life easier in innovative ways, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will always be placed high in the rank simply because of the multitude of values it creates for the digital reality and environment we already live in.

In more than one way, AI has made our lives easier. One of them is the AI-driven automation that allows completing jobs effortlessly and with the least exercise.

AI-driven automation has also made our workplaces smarter than ever before. Thanks to AI-powered automation, the development companies have particularly benefited.

The biggest impact of AI-based automation can be viewed in the way modern mobile app development projects are managed and taken care of. AI-powered automation has made modern project management easier in a multitude of ways.

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Let me explain the five most crucial ways AI-powered automation will impact project management in enterprises.


Intelligent Chatbots Assistants

It has become extremely common for the software app projects to utilize AI-powered chatbot assistants in development projects. This is one of the definitive trends in the software development pace that we can recognize now.

According to Gartner, by the year 2020, at least more than half of the software projects for medium or large enterprises will use Chatbots.

There are various factors responsible for this increase in intelligent Chatbots in software applications. The use of natural language processing to decipher the user intent from the spoken terms is a key impetus for using AI-powered intelligent Chatbots.

We already know millennials are increasingly fond of using voice search and spoken commands, and the voice Chatbots can just fit their needs. NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology empowers the Chatbots to establish a relation of concepts, ideas, knowledge, and various aspects to carry out conversation based on specific needs.

Task Management by AI Chatbots

A key responsibility of project managers is to manage tasks. The Project Manager, from time to time, must assign and track activities, make schedules of those activities, and make sure that there is no obstacle in the path of completing those activities. Thus task management can now be done by AI-powered intelligent Chatbots.

Such task management works can easily be automated and taken care of by AI Chatbots. The AI Chatbots can help to carry out tasks like task assignment, updating status, giving alerts regarding any project roadblocks, etc. Such tools help boost productivity besides helping to organize the work and deliver concerted effort and output.

Such use of AI chatbot for task management is particularly helpful and effective in cases of an agile development environment. In an agile environment, such tools can help to streamline the tasks with the least effort and human involvement and consequently can ensure better output. Moreover, besides managing tasks, Chatbots can also help in facilitating meetings among team members and project participants.

Utilizing the Scope of Predictive Analytics

When it comes to giving a boost to business efficiency, AI comes as a great asset for managing data-driven analytics. The capability to take care of data-driven analytics helps the project managers to keep an eye on the project goal and accordingly put the things in their right place.

As humans are often seen to bring in their biased conclusions and intent into data analysis, AI-powered data analytics by keeping the stringent focus on the data-driven logic can utilize the scope of predictive analytics better.

AI can also keep track of human activities and their interactions and from them draw conclusions that matter for the project. From tracking and monitoring the behavior of the team members to the analysis of habits, pitfalls, and nuances continuously, AI-powered analytics can reveal a lot of valuable insights about the project than human beings.

Reducing Human Errors

Every software development project has to concentrate on making the software application free of errors. This involves testing methods, whether throughout the project or at the very end of the project.

AI-powered tools can reduce errors by merely learning from the previous errors and accordingly updating the development and evaluation process to keep track of these errors.

AI-based tools have shown excellent efficiency in predicting the number of errors beforehand, and such predictions can make an alert for the developers to take care of a software development project.

Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

When predictive analytics driven by AI helps following the right path and when AI-based tools can accurately predict errors and nuances that can be avoided with certain precautions and practices, the developers enjoy higher efficiency and productivity thanks to the AI-powered tools.

By automating an array of regular tasks, AI-powered project management tools help developers to complete tasks in less time while maintaining better accuracy and precision throughout.


This is why an increasing number of organizations all over the world are embracing AI-based tools for their software projects.


Last but not the least of the benefits of AI in project management is the accuracy and precision of making decisions.

Since Artificial Intelligence can handle a large volume of data corresponding to development, previous user intent and behavior, and competitive application data, there is the increased scope of getting the most accurate, context-aware and precise insights that can be utilized for more precise decision making processes.

From all these, one thing is certain that AI will continue to hold pride of place for the project managers and software projects worldwide.

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