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Effortless Project Schedule Management with Gantt Chart

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Gantt charts are commonly used for visual representation of tasks and their associated times. The usual interpretation is Gantt Charts provide vivid display of tasks, tasks sequence, dependencies and their progress w.r.t assigned time. It helps teams to understand the overall influence and reasons of project delays giving the advantage to correct them with improved project schedule management.

We’ve been able to look at projects more in depth with Orangescrum. Orangescrum has been helpful to organize our projects so that we could look at a project in more detail over time.

 Jamie Smith
Director of Marketing Automation

If we have your attention, chances of you facing some common project schedule management issues as below are very high!

Why should I use Gantt Chart?
  • Lack of clarity around project and task schedules
  • Lack of adequate communication around task status updates
  • Unable to visualize impact of task progress on team progress and overall project delivery.
  • Lack of visibility of team’s utilization and overloading resources with tasks
  • Unaware of task dependencies and struggling with task completion
  • Inability to proactively identify scope changes or risks of breaching timelines
  • Lack of coordination and collaboration among team members due to one or more of the above pitfalls

Gantt Chart, Project Management Blog

How does Gantt Chart help me?
  • Provides single platform with highly interactive graphical view of project milestones, tasks, their dependencies and timelines
  • Intuitive Drag and drop and array of other quick task management buttons
  • Helps with proactive project/task scheduling
  • Simplified tasks and milestones organization
  • Quick and Easy milestone & task mapping and management
  • Easily identify & manage parent-child task relationships for quick view of the project execution flow
  • Provides clarity to teams about task and project deliverables
  • Access to real time progress information for all stakeholders
  • Helps set mutually understood goals (tasks) and drive efforts towards desired results
  • Real time visibility of resource utilization and enables effective resource allocation

I was surprised by your Gantt-Chart Add-on it is amazing, with an astonishing design, and a unique way to interact with the project. My company saved around 15 – 20% of their time by using the in-built Gantt features along with the streamlined tasking of orangescrum.. In other words, it’s perfect.

Pedro Artur Oliveira
Gestor de clientes (Manager)

Gantt Chart 4, Project Management Blog

What do I get?
  • Operational Efficiency across teams and organization
  • Improved time management and productivity
  • Increased collaboration and real time status update
  • Teams are clear about their tasks, their role and expected outcomes
  • Heightened awareness around task dependencies and their impact
  • Adequate clarity around project progress leads to team motivation
  • Effectively, keep project costs within budget, assure on-time delivery/completion
  • Proactive readiness to deal with strategic and operational delays

Go ahead and take the Gantt Chart for a spin on our demo site.

Explore Gantt chart DemoGantt chart Add-on

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you use Gantt Chart for effective project and task schedule management. Hear you soon!


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