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Characteristics of Effective Project Management Software

Characteristics Of Effective Enterprise Project Management Software, Project Management Blog
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Open Source Project Management Software (EPM) has enrolled in the dictionary of acronyms though, it does not yet own any constitutive or a regular definition.

The term has been used as validating the number of actions that aimed to improve the management effectiveness rather than following a single project or a static scope of an individual project management methodology.

These includes:

  • Integration of project management office to departmental level
  • Merging of multiple and versatile projects using advanced project management software
  • Improvement of project management capabilities using the organizational “stages of growth” models

An Open Source project management incorporates all these parts.

EPM is a working environment for project managers, including rules and processes designed to uplift the effectiveness of the DO as a whole.

However, EPM is more further than just the integration of project management software, it presents charting of error statistics as well.

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Also, it is important as the objectives are to nourish project managers in the organization.

So, we can say, “EPM is a working context for project managers that uplift the business productivity by following the organizational rules and methods”.

As mentioned previously, it is not just another skillful application for PM or maturity model. It is something beyond that.


The Open Source Project Management Cycle:

The EPM Cycle, Project Management BlogImage Source: dhg[.]com

The Key Characteristics of Open Source Project Management

Business projects are not mere projects, but these are the extension of organizational strategies, objectives, high concerns, and investments.

And project management model initiates the framework that connects each project that comes under the umbrella of an organization including the long-term vision and goals.

The key characteristics of EPM include:

  • Strategical arrangements of the project’s components with both strategy and visual level of each individual project.
  • The priority-based choice of selection and scheduled health checks of project investments.
  • Multi-project syndication and reporting through project management tools.

These three characteristics models offer a framework through which the organization performs their processes and standardize the information regarding technological capabilities to achieve the project goal.

All these levels are integral parts of the successful synthesis of project data from strategic to project level.

Let’s elaborate more;

The Strategic Integration:

This top-level of any Open Source project management model that represents the strategic level of an organization.

The managing body of frim at this level, usually a strategic executive committee whose responsibility is to define the organization’s objectives and goals.

The objectives and goals determine which plans or initiatives the organization should pick to achieve its higher-level vision and mission.

The Programmatic Integration:

On this level, the integration points between the portfolio of projects picked by the strategic executive committee and the individual projects that would represent in the next level.

So, you can say it served as a bridge to fill the rift between the strategic level of the organization, whereas the project portfolios are settled and project tasks executed at the project management level.

The Project-Based Integration:

On this level, the project management ethics and activities are associated.

Usually, organizations operate at this level to perform any kind of project management function. The function of the is curated by nature to the project execution and project goal.

Build an Adaptable Approach

Having well-defined processes for your operations is a must. But it is equally important that these processes are easy to implement and follow.

All organizations have processes for every other activity, approval, deployment, etc, but they are just on paper languishing on one of many repositories.

Primarily because:

  • people aren’t aware
  • the processes are too archaic and time-consuming
  • add a lot of administrative overhead
  • do not cover for real-time issue handling

Hence, make sure that the processes are built keeping the business issues in mind & ones that stand the test of time.

Self-service is the key for enterprises while dealing with multiple project challenges.

It keeps them agile, enables faster issue resolution, and increases adaptability in terms of dealing with crises while driving complex projects.


Open Source project management is very exciting and rewarding when executed correctly. It ensures that a lot of challenges are being handled properly by doing the simple things, accurately.

What that means is, be it task management, resource allocation, time tracking, remote team management, collaboration or project information sharing all must happen in sync over a single source of truth.

A single project management platform that enables agility across the organization as well as one that provides the right information to the right audience at the right time.

And that too with reduced operational costs. The idea is to eliminate confusion, enable transparency and boundaryless team collaboration.

Do invest in an Open Source project management tool that offers robust project operation in addition to the benefits of organizational goals.


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