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Bug Tracking made easy with Orangescrum

Bug Tracking, Project Management Blog
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From developer to CEOs to customers, everyone hates bugs in their code/software/product. A product manager will always want to make it zero while delivering the product to customers.

But still customers find their product buggy! There could be many reasons.

May be there is a requirements gap or a communication gap between QA team(s) & developers, or maybe they are using traditional methods to communicate & track bugs.

In 2002, a study commissioned by the US Department of Commerce‘s National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that “software bugs, or errors, are so prevalent and so detrimental that they cost the US economy an estimated $59 billion annually, or about 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product” (Wikipedia)

Every company/team has its own process of tracking bugs; but what we actually need is an interactive, real-time collaborative tracking tool to monitor your bugs & deliver great product(s).

“Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” Edsger Dijkstra

Every time a company outgrows itself they look out for a new process or a new tool. And we all know what this entails; yet the cycle goes on…

It is crucial that the Quality Assurance process be highly granular, informative and a quick solution enabler. Common practices today are repetitive, tedious, time-consuming and often fail to provide a time-bound collaborative approach.

What we would like is a controlled yet quick and easy workflow that keeps our processes intact while making it a very inter-active and transparent affair.

Let’s see how a typical bug tracking workflow would begin, progress and end with utmost collaboration and quick resolution.

A solution (tool) I envision should help –

Capture Bugs & Defects

Once you find a bug/defect in a product, create a project & tasks under the project with the bug details, descriptions, attach screenshots & define estimated hours to fix the bug. It may be a functional bug or a responsive issue.

“Finding and fixing bugs, or “debugging”, has always been a major part of computer programming” Maurice Wilkes

Define and customize Bug Life-cycle

Orangescrum lets you to create your own custom workflows based on task statuses and their lifecycle. You can easily classify bug types, assignment flows based on your organization’s predefined QA process or create one if needed.

Bug Management: Assign & Prioritize

Upon logging a bug, you can assign, accord priority, organize these tasks within Task Groups (bug types) to group similar bugs for ease of reference and resolution.

Task Detail Page, Project Management Blog

You can assign each bug task to the concerned developer to fix it immediately with a due date.

Auto-notifications ensure that updates to bug tasks such as assignments, status changes, comments are instantly delivered to the intended recipients.

Time tracking for bugs

During your task creation, you can estimate hours required to resolve it. The QA/developer can use the timer to track the time. You can also set resolution due dates for robust planning and execution.

Time Log, Project Management Blog

Defects to Fixes

Upon development fixes, the product team can assign it back to the QA team for retesting & mark a successful logical closure of your defect. All comments, documents from bug reporting to closure are captured chronologically for absolute transparency and efficiency.

Measure success

Orangescrum offers interactive Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Resource utilization, project overviews enabling accurate performance measurement and robust execution.

You can easily track

  • Insights to individual QA/Developer performance
  • Estimated vs. Actual hours spent on bug fixing
  • Quick access to TO-DO lists, In-progress and in –pipeline tasks
  • Well – defined milestones-tasks-resource mapping

I want this solution to be seamless and close knit with an inbuilt automated notification system, comment history, activity details, and status progress all under one single view.


  • Get complete view of your bugs & developer and QA team activities with total transparency.
  • Time and effort saving from multiple email exchanges, reminders and follow-ups.
  • Reduces red-tape and administrative overheads.
  • Improves the resource efficiency of the business and reduces the bug fixing cycle.
  • Online or On-premise solution depending on the size of any company for quick and easy access anytime, any device, anywhere.

Do you want to realize above benefits? Explore Orangescrum with Task Status Group.


Industry agnostic Orangescrum is suitable for multiple scenarios ranging from being a Bug Tracking Tool, an Application Tracking System, Marketing and Sales Campaign management to being your own Personal Assistant to help with your daily chores.

Let me know how you are/would like to use Orangescrum. Put your creative hat on and spread your charm.


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