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Best Tips to Work From Home in Covid-19

Best Tips To Work From Home In Covid 19, Project Management Blog
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COVID-19 pandemic has presented quite an unusual challenge. It has disrupted normalcy across all aspects of human life. Countries around the world are in a lockdown mode right from businesses, educational institutes, shopping districts and all such places where people can gather.

Hence, businesses have resorted to absolute remote work strategies with a very lean on ground workforce.

Top companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Hitachi, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, and Orangescrum have asked their employees to work-from-home to support prevention of the corona spread.

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Get More Done With Orangescrum, Project Management Blog


It’s not a difficult task for the tech savvy businesses as they have the tools, processes and setup to hit the ground running with remote offices and work from home options.

The challenge is for those businesses who never considered remote work and neither have any established policies and measures in place.

Work From Home, Project Management Blog

So, I would like to share some of the most productive tips that I learnt from my remote work experience and found them to be very helpful in keeping focus on your work with more energy and productivity.

Best Tips To Work From Home In Covid 19 1, Project Management Blog


Communicating in a timely manner and maybe a little overdose is a must during such restrictive times.

Maintain a strict execution rigor by frequently chatting with your team throughout the day to check on progress.

Create relevant chat groups to obtain & share constant task updates, discuss issues and close them successfully.

Most important of all, ensure you & the teams have the right collaboration platforms like Orangescrum, Zoom, Google Tasks to coordinate all work activities in a centralized manner.

Orangescrum is the all-in-one Project and Task Management platform to collaborate everything in one place. Orangescrum is also offering flat 25% off during these unusual situations to enable teams be effective while being remote

Greater visibility, less chaos, more execution & desired outcomes!

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