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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Project Management by 2025

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Project Management By 2025, Project Management Blog
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AI project management tools mark a new stage in the history of software development. All lucrative businesses have already integrated AI into their systems. Read the most substantial implications of AI in the IT-industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the omnipresent force driving all industries. It helps doctors analyze patients for conditions and evaluate their health risks. It underlies self-driving vehicles and autonomous robots.

It processes transactions, maintains book-keeping, and prevents fraud and financial crimes. The role of AI in daily life is tremendous and expected to grow even stronger.

The future of artificial intelligence is tied not only to some specific innovations that contribute to enhanced safety or better comfort but the way humans deal with the development itself.

For example, AI-based project management tools are advanced in implementing the typical project manager’s administrative responsibilities. This singularity is forecasted to bring major changes to the conventional project planning system by the year 2025.

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These are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence that all medium and ginormous businesses will experience at work in the near future.

Let’s take a look.


1. Intelligent Assistance

The project manager is in charge of task management above all. When working on numerous projects at a time, the PM is more prone to make a mistake or overlook a crucial detail.

An AI-Chatbot is a recent innovation that assists in time management and problem-solving.

It organizes the workflow effectively with regard to a project’s characteristics and a team’s abilities. In particular, the Chatbot assigns tasks automatically to the individuals that are considered ideal to do this type of job.

If the project is performed within the agile project management methodology, the bot monitors the development process and makes all the team members report on progress regularly.

By the end of each sprint, it provides a short analysis of the team’s performance followed by in-depth estimates and projections.

AI Chatbots have proven to be powerful assistants that take over a substantial part of the PM’s duties thereby freeing up time for more creativity and smart decision-making.

2. Valuable Advice

Unlike common management tools, AI project management tools develop an extensive understanding of the project in which your team is involved. Based on its history and previous data, AI can elaborate on the best method of its implementation with minimum risk and costs. In this sense, AI project management tools greatly help PMs in generating sensible decisions that lead to higher efficiency.

Another upside of project planning software is that it often involves predictive analytics that allows you to increase the quality of development.

Predictive Analytics plays an important role in exploring the patterns employed by the team and establishing a flawless model that gives a streamlined application of available resources.

The analytical approach enables better decision making by the PMs &thereby reduces the chance of project failure.

3. Risk Management

AI tools are equally good at risk assessment. They start a risk register from the beginning of a project and update it throughout its development.

This is why you can constantly monitor the progress and see whether your instructions and management are guiding the team in the right direction. AI lets you keep track of the project data in real-time and allows noticing the first sign of wrongdoing before it causes a collapse.

Coupled with the analytical data, the risk register lets the project manager avoid a large number of errors.

The common reason why many IT companies fail is poor root-cause analysis. By contrast, AI project management tools always show a risk index rating based on the current team’s performance.

This advantage helps enterprises empowered with AI knowledge get ahead of their competitors and thus lead the market.

4. Project Estimations

It is challenging to estimate a project without robotic help. It is even more complicated when a company’s staff numbers over two hundred individuals.

The only right approach in this scenario is to take advantage of AI tools that use the best estimation techniques and require a little input on your part.

AI is particularly beneficial to all PMs that are involved with project estimations. It allows planning a project in the most optimal way and at a minimal cost.

PMs should be capable of assessing the scope of work as well as the number of resources required to deliver a project on time.

AI systems, in turn, are of great help to manage the estimation correctly and most accurately. For instance, AI human resource management tools will assist you in finding the most suitable candidates that have relevant competence and abilities.

Likewise, AI time management tools are good at dividing a large project into sprints and ensuring faster project delivery. These are two major reasons why AI is essential in project estimations.

5. Fraud Prevention

AI tools will also contribute to a lower fraud rate. They are programmed to detect any deviation that occurs during the development.

Whether in-house or remote, all team members are subject to AI observance. These systems recognize any noncompliance rapidly and way before it leads to alarming issues that can sabotage the entire workflow.

The AI system analyzes the staff’s behavior and moves as much as the PM is expected to do it. Yet, the difference in accuracy is overwhelming and for this reason, PMs are somewhat addicted to the opportunities AI gives them at work.

With the help of AI, any project manager is able to predict employees’ actions with greater precision.

What’s the use of AI?

Today, over 81% of scrum project management decisions are impacted by AI.

Whatever project purpose, high deliverables are possible on condition that a project manager is backed by AI project management tools.

AI Project Management tools help to generate cost-effective solutions and minimize risks that are an integral part of any project development.

AI-based project management is still an unknown practice in many small-sized firms. But it is about to change.

Overall, AI project management tools will be a necessity in less than a decade because of their limitless value.

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