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What’s New: Enhanced Task Details Page Released

Whats New Enhanced Task Details Page, Project Management Blog
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Hello, Orangescrummer’s! We’re back with another update for you! The latest version of Orangescrum comes with the enhanced task details page that provides a panoramic detailed view of each task detail.

We create a customer feedback system for our products, which is successful and allows us to receive suggestions and feedback regularly. We capitalize on those suggestions we make and tailor them to your specific needs, ensuring that you will succeed with our product.

We would like to thank our customers for making this article possible and providing feedback on what we have presented.

Whether you want to work with a product that cares about your needs, or one that understands people’s needs better than anyone else, we have the perfect solution! Orangescrum has always been committed to understanding what is best for customers like you.

Last time we released the in-app Zoom integration that has been helping users to make purposeful and product meetings within Orangescrum without switching the application.

This enhancement will help you collaborate on projects more efficiently and simplify the workflow.


All new Task Details Page

Enhanced Task Details Page Overview, Project Management Blog

The all-new, refreshed Task Detail page is lighter and faster.

We listened carefully to what you love and took a new approach to improve the things that weren’t right in order for it not to be just like how it was before.

We have not changed the ore relocated the task details page view inside the application. You just need to click on any task title, whether it is from the task listing page, time log, or resource management page.

This enhanced view provides a compact view of all details of the task. From task description to task activities.

Let’s have a look at each detail of the task details page:

Task Overview

Task Overview, Project Management Blog

The task overview section provides the view of task attributes like task title, project name, task group, assigning person, due date, estimation hours, and tasks status.

Users can change or modify some certain attributes like assigning person, task groups, due dates, task status, etc.

Supportive Task Properties

Supportive Task Properties, Project Management Blog

On this section of the task details page, users can see the

Task Overview: Find the task description that was entered at the time of task creation.
Task Subtasks: Find the Subtasks underneath the task.
Task Timelog: Find the entered time logs of the task. On the time log tab, you can make the manual time entry by clicking the time entry icon.
Task Files: Find the associated files of the tasks, added by the users.
Task Bugs: Find the Bug and Bug-related details underneath the Task.
Task Integration: See the information on integrations like Github, Zoom Meeting, etc.

Task Comment Section

Task Comment Section, Project Management Blog

On the task comment section, where users can add their comments respectively and provide its progress.

Once any user puts the comment on this section, the task assigned person will be notified through email.

Lower Supportive Task Properties

Lower Sopportive Task Properties, Project Management Blog

On this section of the task details page, user can able to see the details like:

Task Activity: See the list of task logs or the activities underneath the task.

Check List: Checklist for performing the task that was entered at the time of task creation.

Task Links: Find the tasks that are linked to this task in the list view.

Task Reminder: See the Task Reminders and their message entered by users.

Task Delivering Buttons

Task Delivering Buttons, Project Management Blog

On the right top of the task details page, we have provided the delivering buttons that help to either close the task or can able to modify the task details.

Take a Tour – It helps users to onboard the entire task details page.
Reload – Tap to reload the task details page.
Manual Time Entry – To make the time entry manually.
Set as Favorite – User can set this task as favorite
Mark as Completed – Users can mark this task as completed through this button
Edit – In case, the user wants to modify the task details, that can be done through this button.
Archive – Users can archive this task through this button.
Delete – To delete the task, users can delete it from here.

One the three-dots menu, you can also find the Supportive Task Properties that contains

  • Download
  • Checklist
  • Subtasks
  • Task Links
  • Reminders
  • Set as Favorite

Task Timeline Section

Task Timeline, Project Management Blog

The task timeline section provides the ongoing task progress details categorically. As like:

  • Estimated hours
  • Spent hours
  • Task start date
  • Task due date
  • Date of the last update
  • Date of the last comment added

Lower Task Timeline Section

Lower Task Timeline Section, Project Management Blog

The lower task time lection of this task details page contains:

Task Involved People: Find the involved people for the particular task.

Custom Fields: Find the additional data of the task in the form of custom fields. Custom fields let you add additional data to tasks in your projects. You can create a custom field to capture more data for your tasks like URL, task number, any specific data related to tasks, cost, email, or anything else that’s important to your project, workflow, team, and company.

This allows individuals to have clarity on work happening across their projects.

Task Labels: Find the task labels that are used to categorize tasks.


Enhanced task details pages in project management software can make your processes much more efficient and helpful. That being said, enhanced task details are also structured to make them easier for you to manage.

Now you can better track all of your tasks and get insight into what needs to happen next.

So let me take you through this sneak peek of our Product Update. But don’t hesitate to ask us!

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the all-new task details page and how it goes for you in terms of planning your tasks.

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