Time Log

Time Log Chart View

Time Log Chart View Released!

We are delighted to announce the Time log Chart View – yet another new feature. This will help the Project Managers, team members, Stakeholders to view the time spent by the project teams in a monthly as well as daily view.
Chart View provides a “quick explain it all” snazzy pie-chart.

Get Your Team To Track Time

Get your Team to Track Time Better

Business is successful when delivered on time. Skillful time and resource management are critical success factors to sustain and excel in this ever competitive age. It is always a race between time and productivity.

Time tracking doesn’t exactly find a place in the “To-Do” list of our team members. Rightfully so as they have to go through the time-consuming, mundane and often confusing paper-work to record their activities on the project.

Orangescrum May Release

May Release: What’s New in Orangescrum!

At Orangescrum, we feel improvement is a gradual and continuous process. So, we put a lot of thought into simplifying how you get around in Orangescrum.

These updates come straight from our Orangescrum R&D Lab. You may also want to check on Updates and the helpdesk center. In this section, we are going to elaborate Orangescrum featured-Usability, Tasks, Time log and Pricing plan.

Manage Projects, Track Time & Generate Invoice all with just Orangescrum

Orangescrum is the only tool that simplifies business/project management, time tracking and online invoicing all in one place. It’s designed to overcome the tracking and reporting blues of business owners and freelancers.

Accurate Time Tracking

Track down every single second of your time. Access-user-friendly reports by team members, client, and project for any time frame. It’s your time billed in real-time.