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Product Update: New Project Overview for Orangescrum SaaS Users
Orangescrum Product Update for January: From New Kanban Board to New Task Detail Page
Orangescrum’s New Task List Page And An Ever Intuitive Project Dashboard For You!
Orangescrum Learning Series: #4 How to Maximize Efficiency by Grouping Tasks
May Release: What’s New in Orangescrum!
Feature Announcement (2015): “The Task Group” (Infographic)

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May Release: What’s New in Orangescrum!

At Orangescrum, we feel improvement is a gradual and continuous process. So, we put a lot of thought into simplifying how you get around in Orangescrum.

These updates come straight from our Orangescrum R&D Lab. You may also want to check on Updates and the helpdesk center. In this section, we are going to elaborate Orangescrum featured-Usability, Tasks, Time log and Pricing plan.

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