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Expense Management is Now Easier in Project Management Software
Orangescrum New UI add-on: Finally Launched
Orangescrum moves up to 4th position in World’s Top Project Management Tools
Enter the Project Inception
Brand new Orangescrum just out of the door w/ ‘Google Material Design’!
The Orangescrum – Year in Review 2015 [Rewind]
Host Orangescrum at your Premises!
Hurray!!!….Opensource.com ranked Orangescrum as the 2nd best Open Source project management tool in 2015
October release: What’s new in Orangescrum
Orangescrum is now Open Source!

Enter the Project Inception


First let me state that I believe in a hybrid model for a successful project that helps keep the totality of the project on track and people focused on the end goal. Combining waterfall, scrums and sprints with Kanban to create product faster allow for pivots to keep cost and time rained in!

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The Orangescrum – Year in Review 2015 [Rewind]

Thanking you from core of our hearts to be with us in 2015, it has been a fantastic experience in terms of New Releases, improvements based on your feedback to serve you even better, attending conferences in the USA & Europe!

With more promises for 2016, let’s review how’s been 2015:

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Hurray!!!….Opensource.com ranked Orangescrum as the 2nd best Open Source project management tool in 2015

Within a few days after Orangescrum ranked as #1 Task Management tool, now it is ranked 2nd amongst top 5 Open Source project management tool in 2015. We strive to add values to Orangescrum to make it still better and easier for you to manage projects.

But this is possible because of your feedback, comments and active participation in the Open Source community. We thank you sincerely for your valued participation in the Orangescrum Open Source community.

Ref. http://opensource.com/business/15/1/top-project-management-tools-2015

Our Support Center offers a variety of ways to get you the technical help you need. We provide a wide range of services such as, installation, training, customizations, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading at a competitive price and making your life easy with  Orangescrum.

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October release: What’s new in Orangescrum

We have been working hard to improvise the user experiences to the Orangescrum users. Post the release of Orangescrum Community Edition last month, we have been receiving many feedbacks from our Open Source Community users. It’s been a privilege to have them in our Discussion Forum and Issue Tracker. Hats off to them for their invaluable suggestions which have been a continuous inspiration for the Orangescrum Team.

Here’s the list of new features,

  1. ‘Custom’ Task Type
  2. Change of login email address
  3. Provision for granting Admin privilege to users
  4. ‘Custom’ Task type in Dashboard
  5. Replacement of ‘Overdue’ with ‘Bug’ in the Task list tabs
  6. Improvised Image gallery to view the attached images

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Orangescrum is now Open Source!

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Orangescrum goes opensource.

We took this initiative in order to build an even stronger foundation for community-powered innovation. The Community edition of Orangescrum is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3 and runs on CakePHP 2.x.

When we say ‘Open Source’, it is FREE to download and install. In addition, there will not be any charges going forward be it up gradation or new releases.
The download includes Installation Guide which tells you how to set Orangescrum up and running in your server.

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