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Say Hola to New OrangeScrum Enterprise Updates
Orangescrum Learning Series: #5 How Kanban increases your Team’s Productivity
Bug Tracking made easy with Orangescrum
Get over spreadsheets to manage your projects!
How Orangescrum can Help IT Firms
Orangescrum for Marketing Agencies
Orangescrum Rolls Out Major Updates: Calendar View, Tasks Detail Page, Kanban upgrade & more
What’s New in Orangescrum Kanban!
Enter the Project Inception
The all new Orangescrum: Coming Soon….

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How Orangescrum can Help IT Firms

Disruptive technologies have changed the way we communicate today only to mark increased need of a single platform to do so.

And a lack of one makes it overwhelmingly difficult when we deal with multiple projects, geo-distributed customers, stakeholders and teams.

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Orangescrum for Marketing Agencies

Orangescrum is one of the best Project Collaboration tool with in-built Time Tracking and Invoice Control. It’s a perfect web application for small to mid-sized businesses and agencies. Say “good bye” to emails to manage your workflow using Orangescrum.

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What’s New in Orangescrum Kanban!

Kanban is a visual overview of workflow, where you can gradually manage your process to improve productivity. A way for teams and organizations to visualize their work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and achieve dramatic operational improvements.

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Enter the Project Inception

First let me state that I believe in a hybrid model for a successful project that helps keep the totality of the project on track and people focused on the end goal. Combining waterfall, scrums and sprints with Kanban to create product faster allow for pivots to keep cost and time rained in!

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The all new Orangescrum: Coming Soon….

Last year was awesome, we got the opportunity to bring on board thousands of users around the world. We asked our customers, what we can do to make Orangescrum even better and easy to use!
Many of our customers gave feedback and on the basis of that we made a roadmap for 2016. Top on the List was to provide better usability to users. Hence, we planned to give a new Look and Feel, which is based on Google Material Design.

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