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Orangescrum 2016 at a Glance
Orangescrum Release: “Sweet November”!
Project Time Tracking that actually works and one your team will use
Marketing, Sales, Freelancer, Startups, SMBs – Orangescrum is for ALL!
Orangescrum Updates, September 2016: What’s On?
Time Log with Payment Add-on Released
The 3Ps – People Process Product AND their Performance
Limitless Productivity and Efficiency with Unlimited Orangescrum
Bug Tracking made easy with Orangescrum
Orangescrum’s latest offering for SMBs

Orangescrum 2016 at a Glance

While welcoming 2017, we would like to relish the eventful 2016!

It was a great year for Orangescrum lovers, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We want to thank you as we look back on the milestones covered in the last 12 months.

We saw huge growth in all aspects including our team size, list of features and the overall usage of Orangescrum. In 2016 alone, we processed over two hundred thousand requests.

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Project Time Tracking that actually works and one your team will use

Effortless Time Tracking that works for your team

     Automated | Simplified | Accurate | Efficient

Think Project, Think Time! That’s the norm of the day!

The moment we are told about a project our reflex is how long is it going to take? When will it end? How many hours? What is the project completion date?…. we do not even think once as to what the project is about, what technology, what product etc. We have overwhelmed ourselves so much that we made time a scarce resource… a very scarce one actually!

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Simplest Project Management Tool for Your Business

Productivity as a service for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.
Get Organized | Save Time | Realize focused Effort Utilization | Instant ROI

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Time Log with Payment Add-on Released

An enhanced new Time Log add-on with precious insights to ensure transparent management of contractors, freelancers, 3rd Party Vendors, Technology Service Providers, suppliers & distributors etc.

We have integrated a Payment module along with the Time Log add-on so that you can effortlessly keep track of your payables along with your team’s time. Read More

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Explore Premium add on for Community Edition

Unleash the full benefits of Opensource Orangescrum
with premium add-ons

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Bug Tracking made easy with Orangescrum

From developer to CEOs to customers, everyone hates bugs in their code/software/product. A product manager will always want to make it zero while delivering the product to customers.

But still customers find their product buggy! There could be many reasons.

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Orangescrum’s latest offering for SMBs

Since inception, Orangescrum has always been guided by its only motto – Simplified You!

Every step of our evolution has been taken only when the answer to the following two questions has been an emphatic YES!

  • Is this something you need?
  • Does this simplify an activity the way it is done today?

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