Author - Priyank Agarwal

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Time Log with Payment Add-on Released
The 3Ps – People Process Product AND their Performance
Limitless Productivity and Efficiency with Unlimited Orangescrum
Bug Tracking made easy with Orangescrum
Orangescrum’s latest offering for SMBs
4 Must Have Add-ons to Power up Your Orangescrum Community Version
Orangescrum Installation Simplified!
Use Orangescrum as an Applicant Tracking System

Time Log with Payment Add-on Released

An enhanced new Time Log add-on with precious insights to ensure transparent management of contractors, freelancers, 3rd Party Vendors, Technology Service Providers, suppliers & distributors etc.

We have integrated a Payment module along with the Time Log add-on so that you can effortlessly keep track of your payables along with your team’s time. Read More

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Orangescrum’s latest offering for SMBs

Since inception, Orangescrum has always been guided by its only motto – Simplified You!

Every step of our evolution has been taken only when the answer to the following two questions has been an emphatic YES!

  • Is this something you need?
  • Does this simplify an activity the way it is done today?

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Explore Premium add on for Community Edition

Unleash the full benefits of Opensource Orangescrum
with premium add-ons

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Orangescrum Installation Simplified!

True to our motto – Simplify; we have yet again taken a step further towards a simplified experience for our 21000 and counting community users.

Orangescrum now on DOCKER!

Paying attention to our diverse users we now bring a hassle free and self-explanatory installation option. My guitarist to your CEO – can now setup Orangescrum without any tech-support by following the simple steps outlined below!

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Use Orangescrum as an Applicant Tracking System

Hiring is an integral part of any organization’s Human Resources (HR) team and millions of dollars are spent by these organizations on setting up their HR department, processes and tool sets.

Every time a company outgrows itself they look out for a new process or a new tool. And we all know what this entails; yet the cycle goes on…

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