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Get over spreadsheets to manage your projects!
Orangescrum Gantt chart Add-on Launched
How Orangescrum can Help IT Firms
Orangescrum New UI add-on: Finally Launched
Top 15 Tips to Get Most out of Orangescrum
The all new Orangescrum: Coming Soon….
Host Orangescrum at your Premises!
A New Year gift for you from Orangescrum!
Orangescrum is now Open Source!
Bridging the Communication Gap in your Organization using Orangescrum

Get over spreadsheets to manage your projects!

Trying to manage any task in a new project, many of us go for the good old spreadsheet. Sure it’s a great tool for many things, but task management is not suited for it, particularly when you need to keep that spreadsheet updated across team(s) —especially in large complex projects.

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Orangescrum Gantt chart Add-on Launched

Overwhelming positive response and support from our devoted community users inspired us to come out with yet another amazing feature – “Gantt Chart”.

Gantt chart helps achieve faster results and makes task, resources and overall project schedule management easier & efficient

Creating Gantt charts – to plan and visualize your projects will help track down team progress along with scheduled updates within few clicks.

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How Orangescrum can Help IT Firms

Disruptive technologies have changed the way we communicate today only to mark increased need of a single platform to do so.

And a lack of one makes it overwhelmingly difficult when we deal with multiple projects, geo-distributed customers, stakeholders and teams.

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Top 15 Tips to Get Most out of Orangescrum

Orangescrum – The Project Management application caters to businesses of any size, to keep them organized; to effectively manage projects and resources. Orangescrum facilitates stress-free project management, team collaboration, issue tracking, notifications, reporting, task functionality and so on.

Orangescrum excels in task management that offers powerful yet easy to use task controlling functionalities.

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Explore Premium add on for Community Edition

Unleash the full benefits of Opensource Orangescrum
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A New Year gift for you from Orangescrum!

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to you for making Orangescrum the #1 Task Management Software. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year full of happiness and prosperity.

And in this spirit we’re excited to announce the fresh looking Orangescrum. It took us quite a while to be there. However, we hope you too would like this design and usability as much as we do.

Have a look at our progress in building better usability…

Early 2014

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Orangescrum is now Open Source!

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Orangescrum goes opensource.

We took this initiative in order to build an even stronger foundation for community-powered innovation. The Community edition of Orangescrum is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3 and runs on CakePHP 2.x.

When we say ‘Open Source’, it is FREE to download and install. In addition, there will not be any charges going forward be it up gradation or new releases.
The download includes Installation Guide which tells you how to set Orangescrum up and running in your server.

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Bridging the Communication Gap in your Organization using Orangescrum

Have you ever thought? If there are communication gap among the team and customer project manager, what could be the impact. The productivity goes down and things are meshy. Everyone starts blaming the other affecting the trust factor. Once the relationships suffers it would bring loss to business.

The main aim of Orangescrum is to keep everyone on the same page.

Reply to Task via Email

The interface integrates with the respective emails such that if a task is posted on a project, all the stakeholders involved in the project will receive the message in their email inbox and they can reply from their email without having to logging into Orangescrum. This makes sure that all are in the loop about the project progresses. This is very useful especially when you’re on a mobile device and you just need to reply an email without having to logging into Orangescrum over a slow internet connection.

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