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Orangescrum Introduces Affiliate Program
Save Your Time and Stay On Track with the new Calendar View
Orangescrum – New Dashboard that you would love to use
Stay on top and get weekly usage report on Orangescrum
Orangescrum | Getting started
Daily Team Updates Made Simpler – Is Crucial To Your Business
How to respond Orangescrum message via email without log in
Start using Orangescrum in minutes!

Orangescrum Introduces Affiliate Program

What is it?

Refer and Earn: Earn money by referring your visitors and customers to the Awesome Project Management Tool – Orangescrum

Benefit for You, Company and the Customer:

You are happy when you get a pie of the product sold

The Company is happy too since they have won a customer from a source which was never in their plan.

Finally, the customer is happy as they get something which was in their wishlist.

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Save Your Time and Stay On Track with the new Calendar View

Recently we made some major updates in Orangecrum and “Calendar View” is one of them.

See Our: Orangescrum Rolls Out Major Updates: Calendar View, Compact View & Complete Task Export.

Since we are getting loads of inquiries in regard to Calendar View from distinctive sources, we thought to explain.

Calendar View provides an interface where user can easily view the exact status of a task whether it is NEW, IN-PROGRESS , RESOLVED or CLOSED monthly or weekly basis and accordingly schedule task deadline. Our goal was to build a powerful, compelling but simple and easy to use interface. The features are:

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Orangescrum – New Dashboard that you would love to use

Awesome project management is all about connecting people and enabling teamwork. Orangescrum introducing the new dashboard, where you monitor everything on a single screen at a glance. Various vital information displayed in visual representation make the job of user easy.

Orangescrum dashboard includes:

  • Overdue/Upcoming To-Dos
  • Task Vs Hours Statistics
  • Recent Activities Time-line
  • Summary of Recent Projects
  • Task Progress(%)
  • Bug Status(%)
  • Storage Usage Details

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Stay on top and get weekly usage report on Orangescrum

To stay on the top of your projects, you need to have reports on its progress at regular interval. But if you get a weekly report along with the comparison with previous week, then that would be a cherry on the cake.

Orangescrum sends ‘Weekly Usage Report’ through email along with the comparison with previous week.

Key features of Weekly Usage Report

  • Get the information of previous weeks logged in users, no. of task created, no. of task updated, no. task closed, hours spent and storage used
  • See the customized statistic report
  • Individual task status with each individual day’s task created and updated count
  • List of accessed projects in previous week and its current status

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Simplest Project Management Tool for Your Business

Productivity as a service for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.
Get Organized | Save Time | Realize focused Effort Utilization | Instant ROI

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Orangescrum | Getting started

What Orangescrum is and why you’d want to use it?

A Orangescrum project is a workspace where you collaborate with your team and collect your discussions, to-dos, documents and files all in one place.

There are features that help you to create projects and manage team members.  Here I try to explain step-by-step how to get Orangescrum started.

Steps to create a new project

  • Login as Admin using your email id and password
  • Under the ‘Projects’ menu, select ‘Add New’
  • Enter project details in the popup
  • Enter ‘Project Name’ and ‘Short Name’
  • Entry to ‘Add Users’ is optional, you can enter Email ID of the persons you want to add
  • You can set the ‘Default Assign To’, who is responsible for all the tasks of that project
  • From the ‘Template’ option, select a template suitable for the project and hit ‘Create’

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Daily Team Updates Made Simpler – Is Crucial To Your Business

Today, Orangescrum rolled out ‘Daily Update Alert’ feature, which allows a team lead  to schedule automatic emails to be sent to the team reminding them about work status updates. It brings better visibility to the Project by keeping informed of what has been completed so far and what are yet to be done till the end of day.

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Explore Premium add on for Community Edition

Unleash the full benefits of Opensource Orangescrum
with premium add-ons

Explore Add-Ons

Start using Orangescrum in minutes!

Orangescrum is one of the most powerful project management and collaboration tool signupavailable on the web. Where you can collaborate with projects, resources, relevant documents and all the communications. Monitor project schedules closely and make your project a success. It really does not matter wherever you are sitting in the world.

Within 60 seconds you can keep your projects on track, collaborate with project resources, share files, meet deadlines and assign tasks.

You can access this tool from anywhere & anytime with secure access.

Go ahead; create a Free Account on Orangescrum. All it takes, your Name and Email ID.

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