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Orangescrum October Release Updates
Community Edition: Most recent add-ons released
How a non-techie Project manager can lead a software development teams?
6 Things you can do with Orangescrum’s Time Tracking Feature
Save time with Project Templates to build new Client Partnerships
July Update: What’s New in Orangescrum
Still using @mails to manage your projects
How Orangescrum can Help Startups
May Release: What’s New in Orangescrum!
Orangescrum moves up to 4th position in World’s Top Project Management Tools

Orangescrum October Release Updates

Orangescrum provides an efficient solution for Project managers, startups, and freelancers, with different combinations to choose for their business projects. We know that people and their techniques are different and thus we create offers specific for your needs. Team members no longer need to use an extra Add-on (they don’t use) in this dynamic project management software to manage their workflow. Take your pick and perform.

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Community Edition: Most recent add-ons released

Hey There!! We are here with a quick rundown of our most recent productivity add-ons that save you from –

  • Juggling between multiple tools
  • Wasting time and efforts from repetitive, monotonous manual work
  • Losing customer confidence
  • Lack of clarity around your payables for your extended teams
  • Being immobile in this fast paced app world
  • And many more…

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July Update: What’s New in Orangescrum

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great summer. It’s time for our July update!

This month, there are a couple of introductions to make some news to share. Grab a cool beverage, pull up a comfy chair, and let’s get into it!

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Still using @mails to manage your projects

Today, we get hundreds of emails a week, from promotions to sales pitches to newsletters. Email seems to be the new form of communication at the workplace, with colleagues and bosses emailing about every damn thing.

Managing our inbox has taken over our actual jobs. Employees spend about 28% of their day interacting with their email accounts, the most time of any daily activity in the workplace.

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How Orangescrum can Help Startups

For a startup, nothing is more important than making sure everyone on the team is on the right track. As you grow you want to have the ability to manage and monitor your teams’ collaborative efforts in the most efficient way possible. Orangescrum is ideal for all startups including us.

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